And Just Like That Season 2: John Corbett, Star of ‘sex and the City,’ Has Been Added!

And just like that, it seems as though an old love interest is making his or her way back into Carrie Bradshaw’s life. And Only Like That… is the follow-up series on HBO Max to the legendary HBO series Sex and the City. It was just recently confirmed via Deadline that John Corbett, the actor who plays the romantic Aidan Shaw, will be joining the second season of the series.

The character of Corbett was extremely important to the plot of “Sex and the City.” Carrie Bradshaw, a columnist living in New York City, had a significant romantic interest in Aidan Shaw for a number of seasons.

Her relationship with Aidan frequently clashed with Carrie’s continued involvement with Big, an emotionally unreliable but appealing businessman with a passion for models and cigars. Carrie’s connection with Big was characterized by his predilection for models and cigars.

Fans were left wondering following the unexpected death of Big in the first season of And Just Like That… if there was no room in Carrie’s life for a rekindled romance with the tough and emotionally astute furniture manufacturer.

However, this was after Big died in the first season of the show. Before the premiere of the first season earlier this year, Corbett had already hinted that he would be participating in the show.

And Just Like That Season 2

In April of 2021, he gave an interview to Page Six and said, “I think I might be in quite a few episodes.” This, however, would turn out to be false, much to the disappointment of a good number of the people on Team Aidan.

It would appear that the sham participation in the series that Corbett maintained up to the premiere of the first season has led to his actual participation in the second season. Kim Cattrall’s portrayal of the fan-favorite character Samantha Jones, who was absent from the first season of the series, was also among those that did not return.

When it comes to Cattrall, on the other hand, it appears that there is no possibility of her ever playing the character of Samantha again in the future.

The majority of Sex and the City’s core actors, including Sarah Jessica Parker, who portrays Carrie, Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda, and Kristen Davis, who portrayed Charlotte, have all reprised their roles in the new series. Willie Garson, who played Carrie’s dear friend Stanford, also returned for the new series; however, he passed away while the series was being produced, thus his character will not be seen again.

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This would not be the only time in his filmography that Corbett would be making a return to a much-loved role in this year. He most recently gave another performance as Ian, the outsider who married into a very large Greek family, in the film series adaptation of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, in which he portrays the part.

Who can predict the probable difficulties that will arise in Carrie’s life as a result of Aidan’s return? It would appear that we will be required to hold off till the release of the second season of And Just Like That… on HBO Max. You are now able to stream the entirety of the first season on the app that you are using.

Should We Expect to See Kim Cattrall in Season 2?

And Just Like That Season 2

Even though a big thing happens in the finale (spoiler) and Samantha agrees to get drinks with Carrie via text, it’s very unlikely. Michael Patrick King, who runs the show, told Variety that no one should expect Cattrall to come back. “I only think in magical ways when I’m reading fiction,” he said.

“You believe what people say, and you’re a smart producer—you don’t put yourself in a tight spot. Samantha is great because she can think magically. I don’t think it’s likely that Kim Cattrall will ever show up again.”

In February, Parker put an end to rumors and guesses that Cattrall might show up in the Sex and the City revival one day. This is a pretty big change since Cattrall’s lack of interest in the reboot seems to be due to her broken relationship with Parker.

When Variety asked her if she’d be okay with Cattrall coming back, she said, “I don’t think I would, because I think she’s already said too much about how she feels in public.” I haven’t taken part in or read any articles, but people are likely to tell me about them.”

Parker also said that she and King did not talk about the show with Kim. “You know, we didn’t go to Kim for this,” she told him. “After we didn’t make the movie and the studio couldn’t do what she wanted, we have to hear her and pay attention to what was important to her. It didn’t fit with what we cared about or what we needed.”

Parker went on to say, “There is a clear line between Samantha and Kim. Samantha is still with us. Samantha’s gift and I thought it was done with such class and respect. She wasn’t made out to be bad. She was a person with feelings about a relationship, so I think we found a way to talk about it, which was important and needed for the people who cared about her.”

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