Look Both Ways Release Date: Premiere Date, About, Cast, Expected Plot And Trailer!

Fans of Lili Reinhart are in for a treat, as she is due to star in the Netflix movie “Look Both Ways. She will portray Natalie, a college student who is about to graduate. An event on the night of her graduation party shows her at a crossroads that could lead to two distinct futures for her character, who is an ambitious artist.

Wanuri Kahiu, who has expressed an interest in the project since its announcement, will direct the film. Her prior work has garnered accolades, so the public is eager to see what she can do with this project. More details regarding the “Look Both Ways” release date, where the “Look Both Ways” streaming will take place, and the cast, plot, and filming of the movie will be provided in the following paragraphs.

Look Both Ways About

Plus/Minus was going to be the working title for Look Both Ways before it was changed. Back in 2021, we spoke with the film’s director about this project, and at the time, Look Both Ways did not have the title it has today.

On August 17, 2022, the film will make its debut on Netflix, and due to the fact that it has an intriguing storyline, we are looking forward to watching it.

Look Both Ways Release Date

It has been determined that the running time of the film will be 110 minutes, which appears to be the optimal running time because it is neither too short nor too long. Wanuri Kahiu, who is directing the film, is very pleased with the plot, and she has stated that the movie will show how a woman responds to different circumstances, regardless of how challenging they may be, and still finds a way to make it all work, demonstrating how adaptable and resilient their species actually is.

The video illustrates the many hats that a woman can wear and how she manages to keep moving forward in spite of the challenges she faces. The film contains elements of humor, romance, and drama, which, when combined, create a fascinating and entertaining whole.

Screen Arcade, CatchLight Studio, and Grand Electric are the production companies that were responsible for making this movie. With the film Look Both Ways, April Prosser is going to make her first appearance as a screenwriter.

Look Both Ways Premiere Date

The official release date for Look Both Ways has been scheduled for August 17, 2022, and the film is currently in post-production. Netflix will stream Look Both Ways around the world.

Look Both Ways Cast

Look Both Ways Release Date

At this point in time, it is common knowledge that Lili Reinhart will play the leading role in the upcoming film Look Both Ways. The name Natalie has been given to the character that Lili Reinhart will play, and she will be nearing the end of her college career when the film begins. Her performance in the television show “Riverdale” and the film “Chemical Hearts” brought her a lot of attention.

Gabe, who is one of Lili Reinhart’s potential love interests and will be portrayed in the film by Danny Ramirez, will be one of the characters he will be seen interacting with. The film “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” that Danny directed gained him a lot of notoriety. The following is a list of the actors and actresses who are featured in the film.

  • The part of Natalie is going to be played by Lili Reinhart, who plays the protagonist.
  • Gabe will be played by Danny Ramirez, who has been cast in the role.
  • David Corenswet, who is renowned for his song “We Own This City,” wrote this song.
  • Luke Wilson, best known for his performance in “The Royal Tenenbaums,” was in this movie.
  • The role that made Nia Long famous was in the television show “Big Momma’s House.”
  • Andrea Savage is best recognised for her performance in the film “I’m Sorry.”
  • Aisha Dae, who rose to fame for her performance in “The Bold Type,” is a well-known actress.
  • Taylor Murphy is best recognised for her performance in the movie “Everybody Wants Some.”

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Look Both Ways: Talks On Social Media

Since the main lead of the film “Look Both Ways” made an announcement on social media in August 2021 that her movie, which at the time was called “Plus/Minus,” was officially done with its filming, fans are all hyped up about the same thing, and the movie’s title has since been changed to “Look Both Ways.” After watching the official trailer, the audience is excited to see how Lili (Natalie) will play the role of a mother in the film and how the film will reveal both sides of her life as a result of a single occurrence because of how the movie will display both sides of her life. The audience is excited to see how the movie portrays the challenges faced by a woman in a humorous manner and how it demonstrates how she can gracefully flourish in spite of the challenges that are placed in front of her.

Look Both Ways Plot

The film’s title alludes to the fact that the narrative will focus on contrasting aspects of the main character’s life. Along with her, we will be looking in both directions to see what direction her life takes after she finds out whether or not she is pregnant on the night of her graduation celebration, after which she is set to enter a completely new chapter in her life. Following our viewing of the film’s teaser, it is only reasonable for us to anticipate positive aspects of the full-length feature. The actors are quite skilled, and the director has a track record of producing outstanding work in the past. The combination of the two, along with a lovely plot that focuses on women and the various stages of life they go through, as well as the ways in which they cope with things regardless of the circumstances and challenges they face, will undoubtedly result in a positive outcome in the form of a film that is distributed by Netflix. It would be interesting to watch Lili Reinhart take on the character of the mother because this is a position that she has not before playing in any of her past roles. In general, one may anticipate positive outcomes from this film, and the audience will, for the most part, enjoy themselves while watching it.


Due to the fact that Look Both Ways is a movie and not an ongoing series, there is no episode guide available for it. What we do know is that the movie that will be available on Netflix will be 1 hour and 50 minutes long, which is a duration that is considered to be adequate for keeping the audience content.

Look Both Ways Trailers

There has been some time since the official trailer was published, but we can hear Lily Reinhart asking the audience if they’ve ever thought about what would happen if everyone just went with their first impulse, following their every irrational urge or impulse. “What if…?” is the starting point of every thought she has right now.

As soon as she raises the profound question, “Can a single instant transform your life?”, she is shown putting together pregnancy test kits. This is followed by a stunning depiction of the two possible outcomes of the main character’s pregnancy test. One result shows that the test was negative, whereas the other shows that it was positive.

On the one hand, she is seen moving to Los Angeles to follow her aspirations of working with her idol, Lucy Galloway, and having a romantic relationship with a coworker. However, the circumstances of her pregnancy force her to travel to Austin, where her parents reside, in order to introduce them to the father of her unborn child.

Despite this, the fact that she has a tiny family with the baby’s father, she wonders where her life has gone as she hasn’t seen her friends or done the things she used to do in a long time. We hear the protagonist explain that it’s not a single moment that defines your life, but rather all the experiences that you’ve experienced.

Here is the link to the official trailer:

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