The Bob’s Burgers Movie Review: Disney’s Most Successful 2D Release with Musical Comedy-Mystery-Adventure!

The Bob’s Burgers Movie Review: The Bob’s Burgers Movie comes out in 2022 and is based on the TV show. It is an animated musical comedy.

The movie was written by Loren Bouchard and Nora Smith. Janelle Momary-Neely, Bouchard, and Smith all worked together to make it. H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Larry Murphy, John Roberts, Kristen Schaal, David Wain, Zach Galifianakis, and Kevin Kline are all back as their original voices.

When a sinkhole damages their restaurant, Bob and his family work hard to pay off their debt. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the movie didn’t come out until May 27, 2022, more than two years after it opened at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on May 17, 2022.

It did well around the world, making $15.7 million.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie: Review

Fans of the animated show Bob’s Burgers, which was just picked up for the 13th season, can see why they like it in this movie.

Murphy’s Law, which says “anything that can go wrong, will,” is a theme in all 238 episodes of Bob’s Burgers. The plots of each show are funny and strange, making it hard to choose.

“Musical comedy-mystery-adventure” is how the Bob’s Burgers Movie is described. The big-screen premiere feels like a two-part musical episode, but it is more than that. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is fun to watch because the explanations don’t get in the way of the dialogue.

The show is about the slow-moving burger shop run by the Belcher family. At the beginning of the video, a family talks about how excited they are for summer. Then, a broken water main causes a sinkhole in front of their restaurant. Bob and Linda (H. John Benjamin and John Roberts) try hard to keep their business from going bankrupt. The restaurant is saved by their children on their own.

Loren Bouchard, who made the show and runs it, sticks to what works, like smart jokes and catchy music. Everything that fans like about the franchise is made better by Bouchard.

What do fans think about The Bob’s Burgers Movie?

Fans of all 12 seasons will love the film. Animators make allusions to prior episodes wherever possible. Every time I looked at a scene’s background, whether it was the witch crossing guard (season 7, episode 3), Jordan Cagan/Ghost Boy’s graffiti tag (season 6, episode 2), or Ga-Ga Ball, there was an Easter egg (season 8, episode 9).

The Bob's Burgers Movie Review

The elevated script also allows us to get a better look at the kids as they grow up. Gene, Louise, and Tina are making major plans and taking personal inventory as summer approaches. Tina (Dan Mintz) wants to make Jimmy Jr. her “summer boyfriend,” but she’s having trouble doing so. Gene (Eugene Mirman) creates a new instrument from a napkin dispenser, elastic bands, and a spoon. His faith in his enthusiasm for music wanes when he receives negative feedback.

Who is the cast of The Bob’s Burgers Movie?

The movie’s protagonist is Louise (Kristen Schaal). She feels insecure when a classmate labels her a baby for wearing pink bunny ears. Louise’s “ears” are described in Bob’s Burgers Movie. (Spoilers)

Louise is courageous when asked. Late at night, Tina and Gene videotape her falling into the restaurant sinkhole. Louise falls into a hole and encounters a skeleton. Shock spreads.

When Louise makes plans and fools grownups, it’s easy to forget she’s only nine. The Bob’s Burgers Movie preserves the show’s tone but provides characters with greater depth, empathy, and development. Fun!

The movie’s consistency and drive make the murder mystery revelation less unexpected. The screenplay’s risks pay off since they stick to the show’s family-first concept.

Each episode ends with the Belchers solving difficulties and making amends (though not in the Brady Bunch way you might be imagining).

The movie slows when the villain is revealed, but it’s no great problem. Season 13 ends up before the credits roll. You won’t need to see the movie for the new season, but the scripts will likely mention it.

You should watch The Bob’s Burgers Movie even if you’re not a fan. Watch the movie’s ending.


The Bob’s Burgers Movie: Trailer

The Bob’s Burgers Movie blasts the box office on the very first day

The Bob’s Burgers Movie, a Disney film, debuted at #3 with a modest $15 million (estimated) over the four-day Memorial Day weekend, with $12.6 million of that total coming from the regular weekend period.

The Princess and the Frog, which opened wide with a $24.2 million weekend in 2009, was the last time Disney released a better-performing 2D film.

The Simpsons Movie, another Fox 2d series spinoff that debuted with $74 million a decade and a half ago, was a far cry from Bob’s Burgers, but as Deadline points out, Bob’s Burgers is a niche franchise with a weekly series average of roughly 1.3 million viewers.

Over the weekend, 1.1 million people paid to see the movie in theatres, which is a good number considering the show’s limited appeal.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie review

Bob’s Burgers garnered a mostly mature viewership, with 89% aged 18 and above, which is rare for a Disney cartoon. Don’t expect more 2D Disney animations.

Disney financed, produced, and distributed Bob’s Burgers before its 2019 merger with Fox. This project’s release by Disney is more due to corporate events than a change in corporate feeling towards 2D animation.

Some say the film shouldn’t be compared to Disney’s classic 2D flicks since it’s not totally hand-drawn. The Bob’s Burgers Movie combines puppets-2d animation with hand-drawn animation, although it’s still 2d.

Disney’s management believes fans only want CG animation; thus, it’ll be a while before they produce a hand-drawn 2d or partly-drawn 2d film.

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