A Chiara Review: A Different Take on a Gangster Story!

A Chiara Review: A Chiara is Jonas Carpignano is an Italian-language drama film directed and his third film trilogy set in a Calabrian town.
In Calabria, Italy, a 15-year-old girl is abruptly abandoned by her father. The young girl gradually comes to understand why her dad left and realizes that she, too, would have to leave Calabria soon.

A Chiara: Review

Jonas Carpignano’s Calabrian trilogy about North African migrants and a Romani community is genuine and vibrant.

A Chiara completes the trilogy and is his most polished and touching picture. This story of a teen’s loss of innocence is strong despite a long third act.

Chiara, played by Swamy Rotolo, is 15 and from Carpignano. As with many Italian American authors, the story emerges slowly. director’s Rotolo’s portrayal gives the drama fresh intensity when Chiara learns painful details about her father.

About A Chiara

Even if you don’t know where the scene with the family is going, it’s interesting.

The newest members of the family, Chiara, Giulia, and Giorgia, fight while their mother, Carmela, is busy and while their father, Claudio, tries to win their love. The world is run by men, but he lets women run things at home.

Tim Curtin walks through the crowd at Giulia’s 18th birthday party with his hand-held camera.

Carpignano shows how young Italians in Gioia Tauro, where his trilogy takes place, have smartphones and wear modern clothes, but they still dance to corny old songs like Raffaella Carrà’s “Tuca Tuca” from 1971. This shows that the present is always connected to the past.

Even though Claudio says she won the dancing contest on her birthday, Giulia’s uncles catch her smoking and threaten to tell him.

Chiara is even more worried after the party because of the background hum and the sad music by Benh Zeitlin and Dan Romer.

When her father’s parked car explodes in the street, her mother dodges questions about where he is and why he left so quickly.

The next day, she talks to people at school and reads the news. It also says that Claudio is wanted for dealing with drugs for the ‘Ndrangheta.

What is the story behind A Chiara?

Chiara’s initial realization of the money fuelling her family’s affluent existence suggests children are encouraged to look the other way. Her mother says she’s too little to comprehend, so Giulia tells her not to ask questions.

Chiara searches for solutions amid rising fear. She finds a bunker with a burner phone, and it seems everyone in town knows more than they’re willing to say. (As she investigates, she encounters individuals from Mediterranea and A Ciambra, all of which have premiered at Cannes.)

A Chiara Review

Chiara isn’t in trouble for skipping school and fighting.

Instead, she and her mother discover of a program that removes at-risk children from their homes until age 18. This cuts the child’s genetic connection to malavita. This film’s cultural basis makes it special.

Carpignano’s heroine doesn’t allow her relatives to terrify her, building tension. She explodes when she learns how harsh the family business is.

Curtin’s camera loves Rotolo’s expressive face. Carpignano’s narrative was too long. Two hours.

Drama with sorrowful parts. The movie finishes with another 18th birthday celebration, showing how confused late adolescence is.

“To Chiara” is Carpignano’s most complex portion, yet it’s still crude. Dramatically, it contributes to the director’s harsh neo-realism, displaying his developing grasp of the medium and immersion in the environment he explores.


A Chiara: Trailer

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