The Witcher Season 2: What’s The Reaction Of The Audience?

The Witcher Season 2: In 2019, when The Witcher premiered on Netflix, it was heralded as a potential candidate for the title of “the next Game of Thrones.”

Looking for an expensive adult fantasy show with prestige TV goals? You’re in a rapidly oversaturating market.

The Wheel of Time launches this fall, followed by an Amazon Lord of the Rings series the following year, and HBO’s actual Game of Thrones sequel, House of the Dragon, in 2019.

The Witcher, however, was a program that was as interested in episodic adventure (a la Xena: Warrior Princess) as it was in complex world-building and amoral politics.

This was a great surprise! Game of Thrones was sometimes entertaining, but it never gave us the hit song “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” or anything like that.

Who Are in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2?

Besides Geralt, we’ll meet a couple of other Witchers in the forthcoming second season. Killing Eve’s Kim Bodnia voices Vesemir in the Witcher prequel film Nightmare of the Wolf. Lambert, Yasen Atour, and Basil Eidenbenz will be played by Paul Bullion. Redanian Intelligence validated Joel Adrian’s Henrik position.

the witcher season 2

It’s shocking that the show’s makers are adding more Witchers for season 2. Despite references to other Witcher schools like the Cat and Bear, Geralt’s group seems to be the only one actively combating the monster menace. Newcomer Kristofer Hivju plays Nivellen, a monster-possessed guy.

‘A Grain of Truth’ will be his debut appearance. Netflix announced the inclusion of seven new characters in March 2021. The novels Nenneke was performed by Adjoa Andoh (Bridgerton), Fenn by Liz Carr (Silent Witness), Codringher by Simon Callow (Four Weddings and a Funeral), Dijkstra by Graham McTavish (Outlander), and Rience by Chris Fulton (Clique).

Mecia Simson (Brave New World), Aisha Fabienne Ross (The Danish Girl), and Agnes Born (Just a Thought). At least one game character will appear in Season 2. Iranian Intelligence reports Rebecca Hanssen will portray Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia in The Witcher Tales (Enola Holmes). Alastair Parker will reprise his role as Cleaver from The Witcher 3 (also by Redanian Intelligence).

What’s The Reaction of the Audience to The Witcher Season 2?

The Witcher season 2 has just launched and is now leading Netflix’s ratings. Season 2 has a 94 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, compared to a 68 percent rating for season 1. Many of the issues raised by the public with season 1 have been addressed.

the witcher season 2

No more jumbled timelines. Geralt goes on and on. Characters’ hair, makeup, and clothing have all been changed to be more realistic. Despite this, one set of individuals is quite outspoken about their displeasure with season 2: book enthusiasts.

Negative reviews for The Witcher season 2 are increasing on review sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Season 1 of The Witcher scored a phenomenal 91 percent from fans, compared to the reviewers’ average of 63 percent. Most episodes have a 2/10 on Metacritic.

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Why Are Some Fans So Upset with The Witcher Season 2?

Fans are unhappy with the game’s handling of Eskel, a major figure in Witcher lore. The source material calls him Geralt’s Witcher sibling. A**hole and womanizer, his character in the game are quickly erased when converted into a monster Geralt and Vesemir must confront.

In addition, Fringilla was given an iconic scene with the terrifying Gaunter O’Dimm in which she murdered a bunch of frozen adversaries, completely changing the context of the moment’s original purpose.

There are no shades of grey in some of the book tales, including the opening scene with Geralt’s companion and the Bruxa, who is portrayed as an irredeemable rapist who deserved to die (and more).

There are also general issues with the script, acting, pace, etc. As a consequence, there are many negative reviews from uber fans who tend to make comments on user review sites.

In Conclusion

In this scenario, I believe there is an obvious contrast between people who read books and those who watch TV. For those unfamiliar with the original material, Season 2 of The Witcher seems to be a faultless adaptation. Those who have previously read it will find no difference.

People who realize that the original novels didn’t have much in Blood of Elves and that the program was trying to make do with a limited story are more forgiving, but I saw some resistance from people who don’t know that.

Season 3 of The Witcher will be more authentic to the original material, according to creator Laura S. Hissrich and actor Henry Cavil.

Overall, I don’t think The Witcher is in danger, but it’s been interesting to witness the divide this season.

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