What Happened to Mary Lou Retton? Retton’s Health Update!

Olympic gymnastics legend Mary Lou Retton, who was hospitalized with a severe illness seven months ago, stated that her physicians are still uncertain about the precise nature of the illness that is still affecting her lungs.

Retton, 56, disclosed to “Entertainment Tonight” that she continues to require oxygen devices in her nasal passages on a daily basis as she continues her recuperation. “They are still unaware of my condition,” she stated. “They are referring to it as a rare form of pneumonia.”

In October 2023, the retired gymnast was hospitalized for approximately one month and reported that she sustained permanent injuries. “My lungs are pretty scarred up and they’re gonna stay that way forever,” according to her.

“I’m not a really depressed person, but this experience really changed me (mentally), and I’ve been struggling with that,” according to her. Nevertheless, she has endeavored to maintain a positive outlook. “I have a lot to look forward to, and I know that,” she indicated.

What is Mary Lou Retton’s Illness?

Mary Lou Retton has a rare kind of pneumonia and is being treated in the ICU, according to her daughters Emma Jean Kelley and McKenna Kelley, who posted on social media on October 10, 2023, asking for help.

What Happened to Mary Lou Retton

The two sisters posted a link to the crowdfunding platform Spotfund on their Instagram stories, and one of her kids confirmed her sickness to NBC News. “Please help my mom continue to fight,” Emma Jean Kelley’s story stated. “Anything helps.”

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The link to the Spotfund website read: “My amazing mother, Mary Lou, has a very rare form of pneumonia and is fighting for her life.” She cannot breathe on her own. She’s been in the ICU for more than a week now. I won’t reveal all the details since I respect her and her privacy. The campaign raised over $500,000.

Mary Lou Retton’s Daughters Have Played a Critical Role in her Recovery

Following Retton’s discharge from the hospital, her daughters communicated with her regarding their personal lives. Retton expressed her “overflowing with profound gratitude” for the gradual improvement in her condition in an Instagram post on Thanksgiving 2023.

What Happened to Mary Lou Retton

On October 30, approximately one month prior, she issued her initial Instagram post subsequent to her pneumonia hospitalization. She wrote in her post, which was shared on her personal account, “I am incredibly fortunate to have the chance to make this statement.” “I am inundated with the love and support that the world has extended to me as I continue to fight.” I am eternally appreciative of each and every one of you.


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“I am recovering slowly with my family and maintaining a positive attitude, as I am aware that this process is long and gradual,” Retton continued in her post.

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“I am grateful for the privacy that has been shown to me by all parties at this time.” I will be providing additional information regarding my health issues at the appropriate moment, with the intention of assisting others who may be dealing with similar challenges. All of you are dear to me. — MLR.

Retton, who distinguished herself as a gymnast in the 1980s, was initially reported to be in crisis by her daughters nearly three weeks prior to the update. On October 10, 2023, Retton’s daughters disclosed that she was in the ICU “fighting for her life” due to pneumonia. At that time, Retton’s daughters requested financial assistance through a crowd-funding page, explaining that Retton did not have health insurance.

In the weeks that followed, Retton’s daughters provided followers with updates on her ongoing battle and expressed gratitude for their ongoing support.

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