Amazing News for ‘American Dad’ Fans as the Show Got Renewal!

Viewers are inquiring as to whether the animated sitcom American Dad (or American Dad!) has been discontinued or if there are additional seasons in the works. The Smiths, an upper-middle-class family residing in Virginia, are the subject of American Dad, a nonsequential, surreal, and ludicrous narrative created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman.

The series was initially broadcast on Fox on February 6, 2005, before transitioning to TBS in 2014. Viewers are seeking clarification regarding the future of the popular show, as it was reported in May 2023 that Seth MacFarlane and the showrunners of American Dad departed the writers’ room.

The following is our current understanding of whether American Dad was discontinued after season 20 or renewed for additional seasons.

Is American Dad Canceled or Renewed After Season 20?

After the conclusion of Season 20, American Dad was renewed. In December 2021, Seasons 20 and 21 of American Dad were renewed by TBS, according to reports. From March 27, 2023, to December 18, 2023, season 20 comprised 22 episodes.

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Is There Going to be More American Dad Seasons?

Indeed, American Dad will return for a minimum of one more season. It is reasonable to assume that a new season of American Dad will air in the future because, as was previously noted, the network has apparently given the go-ahead for the show’s twenty-first season.

American Dad Renewal Status

It’s unclear, though, if the show will go on beyond that. As part of its cost-cutting measures, TBS announced in April 2022 that it would cease producing scripted content under its new parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery.

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At the time, American Dad was one of the four series still airing on the network. The others, Miracle Workers, The Last OG, and Chad, were subsequently canceled. Before it was canceled, Chad on the Roku Channel was given a more season. American Dad seems to be the sole scripted series available on TBS as of May 2024.

Furthermore, after the WGA strike began in May of last year, Seth MacFarlane and the showrunners abandoned American Dad’s writing room. It was intended for this to be a brief departure.

September 2023 marked the conclusion of the strike, although there has been no official word on their return. The aforementioned factors most likely account for the delay in the release of season 21, given that a new season of American Dad has debuted in the first quarter of each year since 2019.

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