Jaclyn Cordeiro Age: And Know Every Unknown Fact About Her Including Boyfriend

Canadian Jaclyn Cordeiro works as a fitness teacher, competes in sports, and writes. She also dates former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who was engaged to Jennifer Lopez before they broke up. This is what you need to know about Jaclyn Cordeiro’s age, past, job, and relationship.

Jaclyn Cordeiro Age

Her birthday is February 14, 1980, and she was born in Canada. She is 44 years old now, in the year 2024. A lot of people loved Alex, and on her birthday, he posted something on Instagram with the words:

“Happy birthday and happy Valentine’s Day @jac_lynfit. Thank you for making every day brighter. You are a beautiful light in my life and make me better every day. Love you mucho!”

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What Is Jaclyn Cordeiro’s History and Education?

Jaclyn Cordeiro went to St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic Secondary School in Ontario, Canada, where she grew up. With high marks, she earned a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Windsor. Before she followed her love for fitness and health, she worked as a registered nurse for a few years.

What Is Jaclyn Cordeiro’s Profession And Achievements?

As well as running her own business, Jaclyn Cordeiro is an exercise instructor and the owner of a program called JaclynFit. She has called herself an RN and Lifestyle Transformation Specialist. Her clients can get online coaching, personal training, nutrition plans, and exercise challenges from her.

Jaclyn Cordeiro’s Profession

She has also won a number of titles and awards in bodybuilding and bikini events. She writes for Oxygen Magazine and is an Oxygen Ambassador. In the magazine, she shares her exercise tips and ideas.


When Did Jaclyn Cordeiro Meet Alex Rodriguez?

The first time Rodriguez and Cordeiro were linked intimately was in October 2022. It became public on Instagram on December 17, 2022, that they were dating.

The MLB All-Star for 14 years put up a picture of himself, Cordeiro, and Cordeiro’s two girls in front of a Christmas tree. Rodriguez wrote “Merry Christmas from our hearts to yours” under the picture. Since then, Cordeiro has been on Rodriguez’s social media pages a lot less.

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