Zero no Tsukaima Season 5 Release Date: All The Latest Details About The Season 5

When we watch anime, we’re always taken to a dream world where feelings are shown as different shades of gray and are right there in our hearts. “The Familiar of Zero” or “Zero no Tsukaima” is one of those cartoons that makes people feel a lot of different things.

Even though it’s been many years since the fourth season came out, The Familiar of Zero is still a popular anime show that airs on Crunchyroll, an anime viewing service.

The anime’s main characters, Saito Hiraga, and Louise Francoise, still have fans who can’t wait for Season 5 of The Familiar of Zero to come out. So let’s look at whether or not the next season will be released.

When Will Season 5 Of Zero No Tsukaima Be Out?

A fifth season doesn’t look likely to happen any time soon. The show was put on hold in 2013 because the author, Noburo Yamaguchi, died suddenly. Fans were sad that the creators of this famous show were never ready to end it.

Zero no Tsukaima Season 5 Release Date:

They bought books by new authors and used Yamaguchi’s notes as a guide to try to finish the story. However, it only got to that point by publishing two volumes in comic magazines. Talks didn’t start to grow until production started up again.

Since the makers haven’t said anything about this show either, we can’t even guess if it will start up again or be canceled for good.

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What Will Happen In Zero No Tsukaima Season 5?

Since there have been no new episodes of Season 5 of The Familiar of Zero, there was no suspense left over from Season 4. If this popular anime ever gets a Season 5, it will go into more detail about Louise and Saito’s lives and experiences.

We could fall in love with them in a sad way, have good fights, stay alive, and grow. There could be more exciting adventures, new characters, and new threats for the main characters in the story.

Who Will Be In The Fifth Season Of Zero No Tsukaima?

Here is the list: 

Cast Character
Rie Kugimiya Louise
Satoshi Hino Saito Hiraga
Yui Horie Siesta
Mamiko Noto Tiffania
Takahiro Sakurai Guiche
Mikako Takahashi Montmorency
Tetsuo Gotô Derflingher
Yuka Inokuchi Tabitha

What Did Season 4 Of Zero No Tsukaima Finish With?

Season 4 of the anime shows how people like Louise, Saito, Joseph, Tiffania, and others live their lives. In this season, Louise, Saito, Tiffania, and King Joseph, who are all shown to be void mages, are called to Romalia.

They are told to work together to make the world fair. However, Vittorio Serevare asks Louise and Saito to join him. This forces Joseph to take them and face even more problems.

The love between Louise and Saito grows stronger every day, even though they are going through hard times.

Zero no Tsukaima Season 5 Release Date:

Every time they went somewhere new, they were met with a new task. For example, they fought the Gensou Siblings and used the power of Saito to beat the legendary Ancient Dragon.

At the end of the season, Saito and Louise use a spell to get to Saito’s world in Japan, but Louise has to stay in her own world.

A dragon attacks their magic school, and Louise has to fight it. Suddenly, Saito shows up to help her. They beat it together and talk about how they feel. The season opens with Saito and Louise getting married and their life afterward.


Where To Watch The Show?

This cartoon first became available on Crunchyroll, a site for streaming anime. Then, when more streaming services came out, it expanded its reach to those services. These sites let you watch The Familiar of Zero right now: Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and more.

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