Who Is Brooke Baldwin? Her Journey from TV Host to Bestselling Author

Who Is Brooke Baldwin? An anonymous group of people are given two hundred thousand dollars ($250,000), also known as “The Trust,” in Netflix’s newest reality competition show, The Trust: A Game of Greed.

The contestants can split the money evenly, which is not a popular choice, or they can vote to get rid of other contestants to raise their share, which is a popular choice. In The Trust, players can choose not to be eliminated, but the more greedy they are, the more they work together to get rid of each other.

Brooke Baldwin, a well-known journalist, is back in the news as host of the show. Who is Brooke Baldwin then? This is all the information we have about her.

Who is Brooke Baldwin, Who Hosts “The Trust: A Game of Greed”?

The American journalist, TV host and author Brooke is best known for her 13-year run at CNN from 2008 to 2021. At that time, she had her daily show on CNN called “Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin.” She also covered big news stories from around the world and was a nominee for the Peabody Award.

Who Is Brooke Baldwin?

Her first book, Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power, came out in 2021. It’s about “huddling,” which is when women lean on each other in daily friendships, politics, Hollywood, activism, the arts, sports, and other areas.

He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1979. Brooke has a degree in writing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Is Brooke Baldwin Dating Someone Now That She is Divorced From James Fletcher in 2023?

Brooke doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. Since 2023, she has been seeing American scriptwriter, film director, and reporter Peter Landesman. They met in January 2023, which is when Brooke wrote on Instagram. It’s not clear what month they started dating.

Peter used to be married to photographer Kimberlee Acquaro, but they split up in 2011.

Who Is Brooke Baldwin?

The last time Brooke saw Peter, she was married to the British documentary filmmaker James Fletcher. After going out for two years, Brooke and James got engaged in 2017. In 2018, they got married. They were together for five years before they asked for a divorce in February 2023.

James and I have chosen to go our separate ways after being married for almost five years. Brooke wrote on social media at the time. “The years we spent together were some of the best, most important, and enlightening of my life.” “As he starts this new chapter, I wish him nothing but the best,” she said.

Brooke and James were married for a long time but never had any children. Brooke does, however, share pictures of her nephews online with them often because she is a happy aunt.

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Netflix’s reality competition show, The Trust: A Game of Greed, features an anonymous group of people given $250,000 to split or vote to eliminate others. Brooke Baldwin, a journalist and TV host, is returning as the host.

Baldwin is best known for her 13-year tenure at CNN and her book, Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power. She is currently dating American scriptwriter Peter Landesman, who was previously married to James Fletcher.

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