Where Are Steve Cartisano’s Kids Now? How They Survived and Thrived After ‘Hell Camp’.

Where Are Steve Cartisano’s Kids Now After ‘Hell Camp’? As part of Steve Cartisano’s 63-day program in Utah, kids were tortured and killed in horrible conditions that were meant to be therapeutic. The Netflix video Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare tells the story of this program.

As reported by Variety, Steve died in 2019. He was never charged with murder or any other crime related to the death or the alleged abuse of the “troubled” campers whose parents paid a lot of money for what was supposed to be recovery.

But his family had to deal with the consequences after the program made people very scared. Steve’s kids were among the people who were deeply touched by what he did at Challenger Camp. We know where they are right now.

Where Are Steve Cartisano’s Kids Now That They’re Grown Up?

She had four children with Steve: Jennifer, David, Daniel, and Catherine, or “Catie.” It’s known that Catie used drugs in the past, but she now works in Salt Lake City as a licensed mental health therapist and a professional substance use disorder counselor.

David has also had problems with drugs. He is currently in jail in Texas on charges that include aggravated attack with a deadly weapon.

Where Are Steve Cartisano's Kids Now After 'Hell Camp'?

David’s term doesn’t end until 2027, but he might be able to get out of jail early in March 2024. Daniel is a little less well-known. He works in IT in Oklahoma City and certainly likes to stay out of the spotlight.

Jenn is a mom who lives in Oklahoma as well, but not much is known about where she is now.

The Cartisano Kids Have a Good Reason to Stay Out of the Spotlight After “Hell Camp.”

It’s impossible not to be shocked by Hell Camp. Because of this, people who saw the video were disgusted on social media.

“I am now going to watch Hell Camp on Netflix and think about how I would NEVER speak to my parents again if they pulled that s–t on me,” someone said.

“The documentary about Hell Camp is crazy. Someone else asked, “How was the founder not at fault?” “One can only hope karma gets the remainder of this disgusting family!” One more watcher screamed.

But with claims that Steve may have groomed his daughter, it’s easy to see why the family would have a hard time and want to stay out of the press, even if X hadn’t been hit.

Also, the fact that Steve’s family supported what he did means that they are also targets for anger and frustration.

Paris Hilton, A Well-known Daughter, Went to a Hell Camp

A link between a popular person from the early 2000s and a hell camp has been talked about a lot. Paris Hilton has been very open about going to a school like Challenger Camp, but the abuse she says she experienced did not happen with Steve.

Where Are Steve Cartisano's Kids Now After 'Hell Camp'?

She is in the documentary, but ScreenRant says Paris went to a different school at Provo Canyon School that has nothing to do with Steve.

However, Paris wants to help abuse survivors at so-called treatment camps like Challenger and the one she went to, which is why people see her in Hell Camp.



Steve Cartisano’s 63-day program in Utah involved the torture and killing of children in supposedly therapeutic conditions. He died in 2019 and was never charged with murder or other crimes. His family faced consequences after the program, and his children are now dealing with the consequences.

The Cartisano kids have four children, Jennifer, David, Daniel, and Catherine. The documentary has caused disgust on social media and anger among the Cartisano family. Paris Hilton, a well-known daughter, has been open about attending a different school.

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