Who Is Sexxy Red Baby Daddy? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Who Is Sexxy Red Baby Daddy? Sexxy Red is a young rap star whose songs “Pound Town” and “SkeeYee” have gone around the world and become famous. She has also worked with well-known artists like SZA, Nicki Minaj, Summer Walker, and Drake.

She has a son, though, and another baby is on the way. Many of her fans may not know this. Who is her children’s father? This is what we know.

Sexxy Red First Baby Daddy Is in Prison

According to Sexxy Red, her first baby daddy is what got her into singing. She told Complex in an interview that he was the one who pushed her to rap and record songs. He also put money into a microphone and a laptop for her.

Who Is Sexxy Red Baby Daddy?

But things were not always easy in their union. He cheated on her more than once, and Sexxy Red said he even got another woman pregnant. She also said he was violent and rude to her.

The father of Sexxy Red’s first child is currently in jail for 10 years for armed robbery. She told him she loves him, but she’s moved on from him. She told him she hoped he would change for the better when he got out. She also told him that she wanted him to be there for their kid.

Sexxy Red Second Baby Daddy Is a Mystery

Fans were shocked when Sexxy Red told them she was going to have her second child in October 2023.

She shared the news on Instagram with fellow St. Louis rapper SZA, after they performed their Drake collaboration “Rich Baby Daddy” in their city. They asked her fans to guess what gender her baby would be by posting a picture of her bump next to SZA.

Who Is Sexxy Red Baby Daddy?

Sexxy Red did not say who her second baby daddy was, though. People have been talking about her love life behind closed doors, and she hasn’t confirmed or rejected any rumors.

Some people thought that Drake might be the father of her second child since they have been working together a lot. Others thought it might have been her ex-boyfriend, who was a clean-cut college graduate.

Sexxy Red hasn’t said anything about these rumors; she’s only talked about her job and being pregnant. She said she was thrilled and happy to have a second child and that she wanted to give her son a brother and a friend.

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In Conclusion

There is a rapper named Sexxy Red who is very good at what she does and has a son. She is also going to have another child soon. She hasn’t told her friends who the father of her second child is, so they are guessing.

She has also been through a lot in her life, like her first baby daddy turning on her, abusing her, and beating her up. He is now in prison. She has grown into a strong, independent woman who works full-time and is a mother.

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