Are Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg Still Together? How They Keep Their Romance Alive

Are Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg Still Together? Professional dancer Dianne Buswell, who won over Strictly Come Dancing fans with her waltzes, recently caused worry among her fans.

After a mesmerizing show with Bobby Brazier on Saturday night, her feelings came to the surface, making fans wonder what was going on in her heart.

A Tango That Made You Feel Something

The 34-year-old dance star seemed to be holding back tears as she talked with the lively Claudia Winkleman after her act. As she spoke, her voice was shaking as she said, “[Bobby] He has been a huge rock this week, so thank you.” She was finding comfort in Bobby’s embrace.

Diane and the 20-year-old EastEnders star got down on the dance floor and did a Tango to the soulful music of David Bowie’s “Fashion.”

Are Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg Still Together?

They got praise and a good score of 30 out of 40, but there was a cloud of sadness over them. Bobby himself said what he felt, saying, “Just emotional.” This whole week has been so sad.”

Social Media Says a Lot

Now that we have social media, people don’t wait to voice their concerns on the internet. A lot of comments echoed the general fear. An upset fan wrote, “They both looked really sad tonight, and neither of them has posted any training videos on Instagram this week.

” I hope both of them are okay. Someone else spoke up and said, “I hope Dianne is okay, Dianne, we love you.”

This upheaval in Bobby Brazier’s emotions comes right after he said he was “falling in love” with the Australian dance star. Bobby couldn’t help but gush about Dianne when he talked to the Mirror behind closed doors at the Pride of Britain Awards. “I could talk about Dianne all day,” he said. I’m in love with her because she’s so beautiful. She’s wonderful. I’m lucky.

A Dance of Love Between Dianne and Joe

Though Dianne and Bobby seemed to be going through a lot of strong emotions, what about her long-lasting relationship with her dance partner Joe Sugg?

It All Starts on the Dance Floor

They fell in love when they were paired up for the 16th season of Strictly Come Dancing. Their relationship grew stronger. Their chemistry on the dance floor not only made people happy, but it also started a romance between them.

Are Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg Still Together?

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As luck would have it, they came in second place, and their trip together went far beyond the final episode of the dance competition.

Love Does What It Needs To Do

Before Joe came along, Dianne was seeing Anthony Quinlan, who plays Andrew in Emmerdale.

However, her relationship with Joe grew quickly, and a few weeks into season 16, she ended her marriage to Quinlan without a fight. It was clear that they got along on and off the dance floor.

A Life Together

Time kept moving forward, and in 2021, Dianne and Joe made the big decision to move in together. There were lots of cute pictures of them together on social media, which showed how close they were. Even though their love story happened in public, they have dealt with the problems with style.

Feelings of Love

What a lot of fans want to know: is the “Strictly curse” making Dianne and Joe’s relationship less stable? New proof, on the other hand, says the exact opposite. Dianne shared a cute Instagram story in which she showed off Joe’s cooking skills.

As he made Sunday lunch, her sweet comment made it clear: “These are the best roast potatoes I’ve ever eaten in my life.” Joe, you cook potatoes better than anyone else I’ve ever seen. I love you even more than I did before!”

Dianne’s emotional act with Bobby Brazier may have made people wonder about her relationship, but her bond with Joe Sugg seems to be stronger and more heartwarming than ever. It looks like love is still dancing in the lives of these two interesting people.


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