Are Piper and Lev Still Together? The Truth About Their Relationship Status

Are Piper and Lev Still Together? People who are famous on social media and the internet often act out their relationships in public. A lot of people who watch and like internet stars get caught up in their relationships. Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron are one couple that has gotten a lot of attention.

The huge number of people who watch these two young influencers online have seen their journey together. Like any relationship, there have been ups and downs. We look into Piper and Lev’s lives to see if they are still together in this post.

Are Piper and Lev Still Together?

In 2023, Piper and Lev are still together. When they turned three years old in May 2023, Lev posted on Instagram, “Happy three years to this beautiful young lady right here.” They are still together, as this post shows.

Why Did People Think the Couple Broke Up?

On social media, couples often post pictures and videos of their happy times together. Piper and Lev are one of many couples who use YouTube to post videos about their trips and answer questions from their viewers.

On July 20, 2022, they put a video on YouTube called “Did we break up?” In this movie, they talked about how they feel about their fans. Some fans thought they had broken up because of the title, but they were actually answering questions from their fans the whole time.

Are Piper and Lev Still Together?

It looked like they were very happy and in love, which means their relationship is still going strong. Even the question of whether or not they really had a fight came up.

They said that they sometimes had small disagreements but never got physical. The person who took the video also said that he thought Piper and Lev were pretty equal to each other. The question was what their best memory was of being together. After a short pause, Lev said the trip to Myrtle Beach. He also said that his favorite memory was of their first kiss.

Piper and Lev were sitting close to each other and leaning in toward each other in the video. Their body language showed that they were happy and at ease with each other. It doesn’t look like this YouTube couple is going to break up any time soon.

When Did Piper Begin Dating Lev?

Rockelle and Khmelev met when they both signed up for The Squad’s YouTube account. Putting together jokes and other projects brought them closer, but they didn’t start dating until 2020. In February 2020, Khmelev asked Rockelle to be his Valentine.

In May 2020, Khmelev made their relationship public by making a video called “Asking My Crush to Be My Girlfriend on Camera.” Their strong bond came from being friends, which grew through obstacles and working together on YouTube projects.

About Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle, whose real name is Piper Rockelle Smith, is an American talent who does well in many fields. She is good at a lot of things, like singing, dancing, playing, gymnastics, and even making music. You can see how popular she is on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Are Piper and Lev Still Together?

She has made $3 million through a number of different businesses by 2023. She can use her social media accounts to make YouTube videos, be in movies and music videos, and sell things with her name on them.

Pics of Piper as a child were posted on Instagram in 2011, which was the start of her fame. Her life has been in the news a lot since then. As a child, she even participated in beauty pageants, which helped her become a better model.

She also tried gymnastics and did very well at it. A lot of people are watching Piper’s progress because she has made a name for herself online. Her quick rise to fame shows not only how skilled she is, but also how dedicated and hardworking she is.

A lot of people are talking about Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron’s work together on YouTube lately. When Lev joined The Squad in 2019, a group of people who work together to make videos, it paved the way for them to become friends and work together.



Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron, two YouTube influencers, have gained attention for their relationship. They have been spotted on social media, sharing happy moments and answering viewer questions.

They met in 2020 when they signed up for The Squad’s YouTube account. They have since made their relationship public through a video called “Asking My Crush to Be My Girlfriend on Camera.”

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