Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together in 2023? A Timeline of Their Romance

Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together in 2023? People who watch celebrities often get caught up in the love lives of their favorite stars because famous relationships are always changing. Many people love Anthony Padilla and Mykie because of how cute they are together and how they fell in love.

Don Carlos People know Anthony Padilla for how great he is at acting, interviewing, and posting videos on YouTube. Some fans know the internet star as one of the people who created the famous YouTube channel Smosh.

He worked with Ian Hecox, who was just as skilled, to make the internet hit. From 2005 to 2017, they couldn’t stop making sketch comedy movies that made us laugh out loud.

Daniel Anthony Padilla and Lauren “Mykie” Mychal Mountain have been able to grow as artists together on YouTube, which has helped them get ahead in their careers and merge their paths.

Fans have been eagerly watching their journey since they have a large group of dedicated fans and have shared parts of their lives online in the past. We will find out if Anthony Padilla and Mykie are still together in 2023 in this story.

Daniel Anthony Padilla

Daniel Anthony Padilla was born and raised in Sacramento, California. He began making videos for YouTube with his friend Ian Hecox in 2005. When they were in sixth grade, they became best friends and decided to make a YouTube page called Smosh to post sketch comedy videos.

Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together?

With about 25.7 million followers, the channel is getting more and more famous on YouTube. Aside from YouTube, he’s done well as an interviewer, an actor, and a voice actress. In 2017, he quit Smosh and started working as a reporter on his own YouTube channel.

He is famous for the chat show “I Spent a Day With…” where he talks to famous people from the internet, people who have left cults, survivors from different backgrounds, and more. He is known as a writer, director, producer, and stand-up comic on a number of websites.

Mychal Mountain

Mychal Mountain is a makeup artist and the host of the Glam&Gore YouTube channel. She goes by the name “Mykie” on the internet. She mostly posts videos about how to use prosthetic makeup, but she also does other challenges and the odd ghost search. She was born in Philadelphia and grew up there. For film school, she moved to Los Angeles.

She got really good at prosthetic makeup while she was in the group at a haunted house event. She started on YouTube in 2014, and her account and skills quickly gained a lot of followers. Within the first year, she had a steady stream of subscribers. There are now about 4 million users of Glam&Gore.

Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together?

Yes, Anthony and Mykie are still seeing each other. Even though things were bad with Mykie, the two of them were able to keep going and come out better. Mykie used Instagram to explain her behavior after readjusting her health and working on her health problems.

Are Anthony and Mykie Still Together?

Mykie openly apologized for her actions in an Instagram story that has since been deleted. In it, she says she hasn’t been paying attention to the problems minorities face. Anthony and Mykie were able to stay together even though things were hard. They still help each other through hard times and live together in the house they bought in 2020.

Mykie’s dogs, Ripley and Creature, live next door to the YouTube makers. In terms of their careers, the two people’s YouTube channels keep getting more and more famous. Mykie’s YouTube videos have become less frequent since her break; she now posts once a month.

Anthony has also grown his job by working in different fields and trying new ways of doing things. In 2020, Anthony started Pressaslike Productions, a business whose sole purpose is to create and broadcast live shows.

The company is making the “I Spent a Day With…” series right now. The star has bought back his Smosh channel, along with Ian Hecox. The two are currently working on a set of funny acts. Because of this, Mykie and Anthony are always successful in what they do. We naturally want YouTube stars to keep getting bigger and better in their careers and personal lives.


The Controversies


This couple hasn’t been in a lot of trouble, but that’s not always the case with Mykie. In 2020, Mykie’s friend SWOOP, a Black YouTuber, came forward and said that she had used insulting words about gay people and people of other races.

It was made public that Mykie was a problem in a number of private chat screenshots and posts. She chose to be fully responsible for what she did and apologized on Instagram for what she had done wrong.


Although Anthony wasn’t involved in any scandals, he had to deal with people talking about his sexuality all the time, which is just part of being famous on the internet.

Fans can’t stop talking about it, even though he’s only dated women in the past. People are still questioning whether or not he is gay. That was in 2017. He made a movie about this topic and said that he is straight.


Anthony Padilla and Lauren “Mykie” Mychal Mountain are two YouTube stars known for their cute relationship and their successful careers. Padilla, known for acting, interviewing, and creating the popular YouTube channel Smosh, has gained popularity through his work with Ian Hecox.

Mykie, a makeup artist and host of the Glam&Gore YouTube channel, gained fame in 2014 after posting about prosthetic makeup and ghost searches.

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