Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced? How They Ended Their Marriage

Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced? When the news first came out in early 2021 that Gabbi Tuft, who used to wrestle under the name “Tyler Reks,” is transgender, it made waves all over the world.

This brave step toward self-discovery was just the beginning of the path she would take to change herself. Not long after her shift was made public, an important new part of her life began to take shape.

The end of her marriage was the start of this new chapter. In this piece, we talk about what led to Gabbi Tuft’s split, with a focus on the problems she had to deal with and the strength that has been the key to her journey.

Who is Gabbi Tuft?

Gabrielle Alon Tuft was born in the United States on November 1, 1978. Before she quit, she was a professional wrestler. She is best known as a wrestler for WWE, where she goes by the name Tyler Reks.

Tuft also fought in WWE’s development area, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). There, she won the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship once and the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship twice, once with Joe Hennig and once with Johnny Curtis. Tuft now works in sales.

Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced?

In 2014, he quit wrestling for a living. She and a few other fighters also set up a website about working out. Gabbi Tuft first told the world that she was a trans woman in February 2021.

Who is the Husband of Gabbi Tuft?

Gabbi Tuft is an American who used to wrestle seriously, started her own business, and now helps people get in shape. She is married to Priscilla Tuft, an actress, athlete, fitness model, and WNSO Professional Fitness Competitor.

They got married in 2002, and in November 2011, their daughter Mia Tuft was born. Gabbi Tuft told the press on February 4, 2021, that she was transgender.

When did Priscilla and Gabbi Tuft meet?

When Priscilla Tuft was 21 years old, she married Gabbi Tuft in July 2002. Before getting married, the two high school sweethearts had been together for a total of five years.

According to Priscilla, they didn’t kiss for the first time until the day of their wedding. Before they met when they were teens, they had never been in a relationship with anyone else.

Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced?

Gabbi Tuft is a transgender woman who was known in WWE as Tyler Reks before she changed her name. She and her wife, Priscilla Tuft, just broke up in front of a lot of people.

They had a girl named Mia after they got married in July 2002. Gabbi’s shift was a tough part of her journey to find herself and be herself.

Even though Gabbi and Priscilla loved and understood each other very much, they chose to go their separate ways.

Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced?

Even so, they still get along well and call each other their “best friends.” Gabbi Tuft’s story shows how strong you have to be yourself when life throws you a curve ball.

Gabbi Tuft: Does She Have Kids?

Gabbi Tuft, who was also known as Tyler Reks, got married to Priscilla in 2002. Nine years later, in 2011, the happy pair had a daughter.

The parents chose to call their child Mia. Gabbi Tuft’s family is very supportive of the decisions she makes in her life. Priscilla has been Tuft’s constant support through all of his hard times.

What Happened to Gabbi Tuft?

Since July 2002, Gabi Tuft has been married to Priscilla. They have a lot of love for each other. When their daughter Mia was born in November 2011, they got to enjoy being parents together. Tuft had a serious health problem in the summer of 2019.

She had surgery on her heart, which was a hard time in her life. Then, on February 4, 2021, Gabbi Tuft went public with the fact that she was a trans woman.

She had a lot of guts and honesty to do this. Since then, this big statement has moved and given more power to a lot of people, and she continues to fight for the rights and awareness of transgender people.

The Relationship Between Gabbi Tuft and Priscilla Tuft

Gabbi Tuft came out as a transgender woman in February 2021. She used to be a wrestler for WWE. She has been married to Priscilla Tuft since July 2002.

They met in high school and dated for five years before getting married. Their daughter is Mia, who was born in November 2011.

Gabbi is the only person Priscilla has ever been with, she says. Before they met when they were teenagers, neither one of them had ever been with anyone else.

The first time they kissed was on their wedding day. Gabbi has said that she and her wife Priscilla do not have sexual relations after being married for almost 20 years. But they’ve moved on to a new part of their relationship, so they’re not doing that right now.

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