Independence Day Special: 10 Films That Bring to Life the Stories of Freedom Fighters and Revolutionaries

Bollywood has made some great movies based on stories from the war over and over again. From the fight for independence to wars with other countries, movies have been made to show how brave the soldiers were and how terrible war is.

We’ve had movies like Border, Raazi, Uri, and many more to stir our hearts and make us feel like patriots, whether we’re fighting to win against another country or fighting to save our own. As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Independence Day today, here are 10 movies that will make you feel happy and patriotic. Check it out.

Haqeeqat (1964)

The 1962 Sino-Indian War was mentioned in this movie. It shows not only how cruel war is, but also what happens afterward.

The movie follows a small platoon into war and tells about their lives and how the war changed them. The events of the war are portrayed in a fake way.

Border (1997)

Border, which was directed by JP Dutta, is a classic and one of the most-watched war movies ever made in India. This book is about the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. It is based on the Battle of Longewala.

Independence Day Special: 10 Films Based on True Events
border (1997)

The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002)

Bhagat Singh is one of our Indian Freedom Fighters. He will always be known for his unwavering desire to free India from the British Raj. This movie tells about his life as a freedom fighter and the brave things he did before he was put to death. He didn’t want to bow down to the British, and because of that, he became a legend.

LOC Kargil (2003)

Based on Operation Vijay, which happened in 1999, the movie shows you what it was like to be a soldier in the war against Pakistani invaders who tried to take over the Kargil Sector. With a running time of 255 minutes, this is also the longest movie ever made.

1971 (2007)

This one, too, is about the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, as the name suggests. It tells the story of six war prisoners and how they flee from the Pakistan army. It also shows the trouble that happens inside Pakistan when the East wants to break away from the West.

Neerja (2016)

Another movie that has nothing to do with war but makes you feel patriotic. Neerja Bhanot was the Indian head purser on the 1986 hijacked Pan Am Flight 73. In her efforts to keep all travelers safe, she did more than just talk. She also saved many lives and gave her own. She got the Ashoka Chakra Award after she died.

Independence Day Special: 10 Films Based on True Events
neerja (2016)

Raazi (2018)

This one takes you away from the war and into the life of a spy. Sehmat gets married into a Pakistani family so that she can spy for her country. Sehmat is an unknown hero because of what she gave up and how much she loved her country.

Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019)

This is a made-up play about what really happened after the 2016 attack on Uri. Our army used a surgical strike to kill four terrorists who had attacked with grenades near the town of Uri in the Indian Union region of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kesari (2019)

This is based on the story of the fight of Saragarhi, which took place in 1897 between 21 British Army Sikhs and 10,000 Afridi and Orakzai Padhtun tribesmen. It’s one of the most amazing stories about people being brave.

Shershaah (2021)

The story of Captain Vikram Batra, a young man with a lot of courage who led India to victory in Operation Vijay in 1999. This movie also tells the story of Dimple Cheema, who was Batra’s fiancée and lived as a widow after he died in the war.

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Bollywood has produced numerous war movies, such as Border, Haqeeqat, 1971, LOC Kargil, Raazi, Uri: The Surgical Strike, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Kesari, Neerja, and Shirshaah, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Independence Day.

These films showcase the bravery and sacrifices made by soldiers during wars, making viewers feel happy and patriotic. The movies also highlight the sacrifices made by Indian freedom fighters, such as Bhagat Singh, Kesari, Neerja, and Shirshaah.

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