The Best Akimbo Pistols Loadout for Warzone 2: Tips, Tricks, and Perks

Best Warzone 2 Akimbo Pistols Loadout: Dual-wielding weapons have become popular in Warzone, so players are naturally curious about how to get the most out of them. This guide on the best Warzone 2 Akimbo Pistol load-outs, including accessories, tuning, and perks, is here to help.

With the start of Season 4 and the big changes to life in Warzone, Akimbo Pistols were added to the meta. In particular, Basilisk revolvers became more popular, mostly taking the place of Overkill and the need to carry two main guns.

But since then, nerfs have made Akimbo Pistols less effective, even though they are still a great choice. Still, you won’t want to use the same loadouts because the best sidearms for meta akimbo have changed.

Here are the best Warzone 2 Akimbo Pistols and the load-outs that go with them.

The Best Warzone 2 Akimbo Pistol is the X13 Auto Loadout

  • Muzzle: FT Steel Fire (+1.40, +0.58)
  • Barrel: XRK Sidewinder-6 Slide (+0.24, +0.14)
  • Laser: 1mW Pistol Laser (-0.48, +51.00)
  • Magazine: 33 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo X13

You should use both the FT Steel Fire muzzle and the XRK Sidewinder-6 Slide barrel on the X13 Auto to get the most out of its damage range and bullet speed. With these, the X13 will be able to hit targets from farther away with more consistency.

Best Warzone 2 Akimbo Pistols loadout

Concerning accuracy, the 1mW Pistol Laser is a must-have to narrow the hip-fire spread and make it easier to keep the Akimbo X13 rear grip on target. Lastly, the 33-Round Mag is a great way to make sure you have enough bullets to kill enemies without having to reload as often.

The P890 Loadout is the Best Gun for Warzone 2 Akimbo

  • Muzzle: FT Steel Fire (+1.40, +1.00)
  • Laser: 1mW Pistol Laser (-0.48, +51.00)
  • Trigger Action: Bruen Express (+0.17, -0.10)
  • Magazine: 12-Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo P890

First of all, the FT Steel Fire muzzle improves the speed and damage range of the bullet. The hip-fire accuracy of this pistol can sometimes be a little off, so we suggest using the 1mW Pistol Laser to narrow the spread, which goes well with the Akimbo P890 rear grip.

This weapon shines because it has a fast TTK speed, so the Bruen Express is a must because it increases the P890’s fire rate. Lastly, in Warzone 2, it’s always best to use the 12-Round Mag because it has the most rounds.

Perks and Gear for the Best Warzone 2 Akimbo Pistol Class

  • Base Benefit No. 1: Double Time
  • Base Perk No. 2:
  • Bonus: Quick Hands
  • High Alert is the best perk.
  • Drill Charge is deadly.
  • Smoke Grenade is a weapon

Since we’re using pistols, we don’t need Overkill, so a Base Perk spot is now open. Double Time and Tracker are the best bonuses to use with these slots. The first one makes Tactical Sprint last twice as long, so you can move around the map faster. The second one shows enemy tracks, making it easier to find enemies.

Best Warzone 2 Akimbo Pistols loadout

Fast Hands is the best choice for Bonus Perk because it makes it much faster to reload both your Akimbo guns and your main weapon. Use a versatile gun like an assault rifle as your main weapon to make up for the weaknesses of the Akimbo pistol.

Not surprisingly, High Alert is the best Ultimate Perk to run. The extra information you get from High Alert, which shows you where enemy players are aiming at you, is too useful to pass up.

Your favorite equipment is mostly a matter of personal taste and how you play, but a Drill Charge is great for pushing and putting pressure on the other team. A Smoke Grenade, on the other hand, is great for moving around in open places and making quick covers.

How Do You Get Access to Akimbo Pistols in Warzone 2?

In Warzone 2, you have to unlock the dual-wield back grip attachment for each Akimbo pistol before you can use it. Here is a list of all the guns that can be used with Akimbo and how to unlock the required attachment:

  • 50 GS: Raise your level to Weapon 17
  • Basilisk: Level up to Weapon Level 28
  • GS Magna: Level up to Weapon Level 9
  • FTAC Siege: Get 25 Hip Fire Operator Kills with the FTAC Siege.
  • P890: Level up to Weapon Level 26
  • X12: Level up to Weapon Level 19
  • X13 Automatic: Raise your weapon level to 19

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