Is Chad Prather Divorced? The Rumors and Facts Behind His Breakup with Jadrien Berry Prather

Does Chad Prather have a wedding planned? This in-depth article talks about Chad Prather’s divorce, his past as a comedian and internet star, his ex-wife, and his popular YouTube channel. Find out about Chad’s life, his relationships, and how he deals with the problems that come with being famous and living a normal life.

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Who is Chad Prather?

On December 9, 1972, Chad Prather was born in Ramsay, NJ. He is a right American who writes about politics, does comedy and is famous on the internet. He became well-known because of the funny and smart horse movies he made on YouTube. Because of his popularity online, Chad now hosts “The Chad Prather Show” on BlazeTV. He has also appeared on Fox News, CNN, Fox and Friends, and other news shows.

Chad is known for his funny and thought-provoking remarks, which are often about right-wing ideas. Chad used to be married to a nurse named Jadrien Berry Prather. They had a good life together. They had five kids together, and Chad also took care of one of Jadrien’s kids from a former relationship.

But after nine years of marriage, they decided to get a divorce, which happened in 2021. Chad has moved on since then, and he is now with a singer named Jaye Lorse. Even though Chad Prather is no longer married, he is still a well-known comedian and political analyst.

Is Chad Prather Divorced?

Yes, Chad Prather and Jadrien Berry Prather, who is also known as Jade, got a divorce after being married for nine years. Even though they haven’t said why they broke up, there have been reports that Chad was seeing another woman while he was still married.

Is Chad Prather Divorced?


But these reports should be taken with a grain of salt because they haven’t been proven. Chad and Jadrien’s marriage has had some problems, but they have grown up and done their jobs as parents by staying together for the sake of their children. Co-parenting has been important to both of them, which shows how much they want to give their kids a stable, caring environment.

Chad Prather’s wife

Jadrien Berry Prather, who used to go by the name Jadrien Prather, was Chad Prather’s wife. She went to school at the University of Texas at Arlington and worked as a registered nurse who focused on emergency nursing. Jadrien worked as a school nurse in the Arlington Independent School District for a number of years before she joined Cook Children’s Pediatrics in 2018.

During their marriage, Jadrien stayed out of the spotlight and didn’t say much in Chad’s YouTube videos. They worked together to solve problems and talked about how important family is. Chad showed how much he cared about his family by adopting Jadrien’s child from a past relationship.

Chad Prather’s new girlfriend is Jaye Lorse

Chad Prather met singer Jaye Lorse after the end of his marriage to Jadrien. Chad and Jaye have both chosen to keep some things about their relationship secret so that the public doesn’t know too much about it. Reports say they started dating in 2021, and the things they share on social media and in YouTube videos together show how close they are and how much they like each other.

Even though there has been some talk about when they started dating in relation to Chad’s divorce, it is important to give them their privacy and not make assumptions about their private lives.

Is Chad Prather Divorced?

Since they are well-known, they should be left alone to figure out how to make their new relationship work.

Chad Prather’s Political Ambition

Chad Prather is known for being a great comedian and a right-on critic. In 2022, he said he wanted to run for governor of Texas, which was his brief foray into politics. But it doesn’t look like he ran for office because he focused on his comedy and commentary job, which was doing well.

Even though his run for office got a lot of attention, Chad chose to go back to what he does best: entertaining and fascinating his audience with his unique sense of humor and thought-provoking views.

He stays in touch with his friends and keeps them interested by doing what he loves, which is comedy and commentary. He is now a well-known online personality and political analyst because of this.

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Chad Prather, a comedian and internet celebrity, has recently divorced his wife Jadrien Berry Prather, also known as Jade. They had a nine-year marriage and had five kids together. Chad and Jadrien worked together as a registered nurse and later became a dad to Jadrien’s child. After their marriage, Chad met singer Jaye Lorse, who they kept their relationship private.

Although they started dating in 2021, it is important to respect their privacy and not make assumptions about their private lives. Prather, known for his humor and thought-provoking views, has become a well-known internet personality and political analyst.

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