Alex Bennett Divorce: Who is Alex Bennett Husband?

Alex Bennett Divorce: The news of Alex Bennett’s divorce has attracted the attention of the general public in the world of celebrity life, which is characterized by the frequent illumination of both triumphs and failures by the glare of the limelight.

After the dissolution of any marriage, the parties involved are likely to experience a range of feelings, and the road to recovery and recovery can be plagued with obstacles.

This essay explores the complexities of Alex Bennett’s divorce, the effects it has on the people involved, and the lessons that we can learn from their experiences as a result of their struggles.

Alex Bennett Bio

Name Alex Bennett
Date of Birth 18 December 1939
Place of Birth San Francisco, California
Nationality American
Husband Graham Bennett
Parents Mother: Ruth

Father: Joe Hodges

Who is Alex Bennett Husband?

Alex and Graham Bennett were married for many years. After dating, the couple married in front of numerous friends and relatives. Clay Bennett, owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder and chairman of the Professional Basketball Club LLC, is a prominent American businessman, and his son Graham is a professional basketball player. Clay Bennett also works with Dorchester Capital Corporation and Oklahoma Heritage Association.

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alex bennett and graham bennet

Graham played basketball and track and field at Cassady School. His undergraduate degree is in history from UC San Diego (2016) and his graduate degree is in liberal arts and extension studies from Harvard Extension School (2022).

Graham advises Dorchester Capital Corporation and REFORM Alliance Research and Implementation. E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation.

Alex and Graham Bennett have been happily married and posting Instagram photos of their travels and social activities without children. Alex Bennett is a famous podcast host and former Barstool anchor.

How Did Alex Bennett Meet Her Husband?

Alex Hodges and Graham Bennett met at a friend’s wedding party, and fate clearly had a hand in bringing them together.

A connection was made as they talked and looked at one other, and it grew stronger over time. Their burgeoning romance was enchanted by the beautiful setting of the wedding.

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Their friendship deepened as they kept in touch after the event, and it was only natural that they got engaged at the same spot where it all started. The setting of their wedding was very meaningful to them since it represented the lucky start to their new life together.

What Happened to Alex Bennett?

After a few years of working at Live 105, Bennett was terminated, but he was hired back after nine months. During that time, he relocated to Miami and started hosting a talk program on an AM talk station there called 610 WIOD.

alex bennett

Because it was an AM station and there were many limitations placed on his ability to express himself freely, he regarded the transfer as a negative experience.

Is Alex Bennett Going Through a Divorce?

Alex Bennett’s divorce is not addressed at any point. Based on what we know so far, Alex Bennett has found true love with Graham Bennett, Clay’s son.

They’ve been together for a while, tied the knot in 2019, and have been documenting their first year of marriage on Instagram.

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Alex Bennett and Graham Bennett have been married for a number of years and appear to be very happy together. Many of their closest friends and family members attended their extravagant wedding.

Clay Bennett, the owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the chairman of the Professional Basketball Club LLC, is the father of Graham Bennett.

Clay Bennett is a director emeritus at the Oklahoma Heritage Association and is also connected with Dorchester Capital Corporation.

Is Alex Bennett Still Married?

Graham Bennett and Alex Bennett are still happily married. They recently commemorated their one-year wedding anniversary, which began on April 6, 2019.

There is no evidence of conflict or signs of divorce in the available data. According to Alex’s Instagram, the happy couple lives a lavish lifestyle together and travels extensively. Based on the evidence at hand, it appears that Alex and Graham Bennett are still together as a married couple.


Celebrities may have a lot of money and fame, but they are still human beings who go through the same problems that the rest of us do. Divorce is difficult in and of itself, but when it’s played out in front of an audience, it becomes even more so.

Remembering the necessity of empathy, compassion, and the knowledge that behind every high-profile divorce are people navigating the intricacies of human relationships is important as we see and analyze such situations.

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