Is Rick Steves Gay? Why Is He Rumored To Be Gay?

Is Rick Steves Gay?: Rick Steves, whose real name is Richard John Steves Jr., is a well-known American author, activist, TV host, and travel writer. His advice for vacationers is to avoid too touristy areas and learn about the culture of the people they visit instead.

Rick Steves has hosted his public television travel show, Rick Steves’ Europe, since the year 2000. In addition to writing and hosting Travel with Rick Steves on public radio, Steves has also authored several books on travel, including the best-selling Europe Through the Back Door.

His company released “Rick Steves’ Audio Europe,” a mobile phone application with self-guided walking tours and geographic information in 2010, and he began writing for a newspaper syndicate in 2006.

Who is Rick Steves?

Rick Steves is a household name in the United States as a tour guide, TV host, author, and authority on European travel. He was born in Edmonds, Washington on May 10, 1955, and he has always been interested in seeing the world.

Rick Steves is the creator of Rick Steves’ Europe, a multi-platform organization that offers advice to tourists in the form of travel guides, television shows, podcasts, and an internet presence.

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Is Rick Steves Gay

His entertaining and educational writing style has made him a household brand, and his books and TV shows have sent millions of people out to Europe to soak up the region’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty.

Because of his emphasis on authentic experiences, responsible tourism, and forging connections with locals, Rick is a hero to many adventurers throughout the world.

Rick Steves’s work has not only informed and entertained, but also increased people’s respect for the rich cultural diversity that characterizes the European continent.

Is Rick Steves Gay?

Steves has never spoken about his sexuality. He is quiet and keeps his personal and business lives separate. However, he is very dedicated to his business and has always written about his best travel experiences.

After the divorce, his sexuality was questioned. Rick Steve’s Europe, a travel documentary, launched him. He documented his family’s European treasure hunt for years. After five years, we saw less of his family.

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Steves traveled with a man to exotic, romantic places. His followers quickly guessed his sexuality. The proof was unclear.

Ten years later, in March 2017, the travel enthusiast stunned everyone by publishing the Gay Travel in Europe post on Facebook, reigniting gay suspicions. Most LGBTQ people shared their stories, however, others felt the author was gay based on their remarks. Steve’s sexuality is unknown until he comes out, but several news outlets have reported that he is not gay.

Why Is Rick Steves Thought To Be Gay?

Rick Steves Europe began with Steves and his family discovering Europe’s hidden beauties. Steves was later seen with a guy buddy after the program replaced his family.

Some wondered, “Is Rick Steves Gay?” Online conversations were inconclusive.

Years later, Rick Steves discussed Gay Travel in Europe, which seemed to revive the sexuality debate.

Is Rick Steves Gay

Many believed he was only trying to be inclusive by setting standards for everyone, but others wondered if it was his own sexuality that prompted the discussion. Rick Steves’ divorce from Anne fueled LGBT rumors. Steves’s sexuality was rumored to have caused the divorce.

Popular sites reported Anne divorced Steves because he was gay.

Rick Steves has never openly acknowledged being gay, despite years of rumors.

So, Is Rick Steves Gay? – What Fans Think

Fans are under the impression that Rick Steves is straight. A person’s sexual orientation is something that is deeply personal to them, and it can only be established by the person’s own statement. It is not possible to determine a person’s sexual orientation based on their life, their occupation, or the person they are with at any one time.

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It has been stated that Rick Steves has only ever been in romantic relationships with other women in the past and never with any guys.

In addition to that, he has never publicly acknowledged that he is gay in any way. Therefore, Rick Steves cannot be considered to be gay until he makes a public statement confirming that he is a member of the LGBT community.

Rick Is Dating His New Girlfriend in 2023

Rick began dating his current girlfriend, Shelley M. Bryan Wee, soon after finalizing the divorce from his long-term wife.

They have been together for more than three years at this point. Shelley, Steves’ girlfriend, is a Reverend and currently serves as Bishop in the Northwest Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The two individuals had their initial encounter in the month of December in the year 2019.


In conclusion, Rick Steves’ sexual orientation is private, and any speculation should not overshadow his tremendous contributions to the tourism industry. Steves, a well-known travel expert, has inspired people to appreciate cultural variety and tour the world.

Instead of focusing on his personal life, let us embrace and honor his dedication to promoting travel to widen our horizons and build understanding across nations and cultures. Discussing public personalities like Rick Steves should be guided by privacy and professional success.

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