Is Nolan Gould Gay? Why Do People Think He is Gay?

Is Nolan Gould Gay? Fans have been interested in Nolan Gould’s personal life, especially his sexuality since he became famous. People ask if he is gay because of how he carries himself, according to stories.

The star of Modern Family has gained a lot of fans throughout his work, and now they want to know more about his personal life. If you want to find out too, you can keep reading this piece.

Who is Nolan Gould?

American actor Nolan Gould is from the U.S. People know him as Luke Dunphy from the ABC comedy show Modern Family.

Nolan Gould Early Life and Education

Gould, the son of Angela and Edwin Gould, was born in New York City. Because his father was in the service, he and his parents moved to Phenix City, Alabama, soon after he was born. Gould’s family moved to California when he was five years old. Aidan Gould, who is a year older than him, also acts.

Is Nolan Gould Gay?

Gould is a member of Mensa and Mensa, and he had skipped four grades by 2012. He told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that his IQ is 150. Gould took the GED test in the summer of 2012 when he was 13 years old. He said he wanted to take online college classes.

Is Nolan Gould Gay?

If you’re wondering if Nolan is gay, the answer is no. He is a straight man who has been with women in the past, but he has never said that he likes guys.

Based on who he has dated in the past, it is safe to say that the star is a straight man. Also, we know that he has dated girls publicly, and if he had dated men, he would have done the same.

Why Do People Think Nolan Gould is Gay?

People think that Nolan is gay, just like it happens to other famous people who don’t talk about who they date. In 2017, he also played a gay guy in one of Rapper Logic’s music videos called “1-800-273-8255.”

Fans were shocked and curious about Gould’s sexuality after he played an LGBTQ role. Still, the star from “The Waiting Room” has shown that he is only interested in women since he took part in “The Celebrity Dating Game,” where he only showed interest in the women who played.

Is Nolan Gould Gay?

Aside from that, his ‘Luke Dunphy’ figure is often said to be bisexual, which is not true. Luke had been dating girls for 11 years on the show, but he had never been with a boy.

Who is Nolan Gould Dating in 2023?

The star, who is worth $12 million, is not dating anyone, as far as we know.

But we’ve already said that he’s a private person when it comes to who he dates. So, even if he is dating, it is hard to know for sure.

Gould Has Only Had Relationships With Women

Even though the Ghoul star likes to keep his personal life private, we know that he has been with a lot of women.

During his 2017 interview on The EllenDeGeneres Show, he said that he was dating a pediatric nurse named Lindsay Schweitzer. The two people fell in love after meeting at a charity event in Kansas City.

But, according to the sources, they didn’t seem to be together in 2020, and Nolan didn’t say anything about it either. Even though he was still thought to be with Lindsay, he was seen holding hands with Australian model Hannah Glasby and going shopping with her more than once in 2017.

Even though they were accused of having an affair, Hannah and Nolan didn’t talk about it, and soon after, they stopped seeing each other in public.

Aside from that, he was said to be having a romance with Joey King in 2014 and with Ariel Winter, his co-star on Modern Family, in 2016. But these were just guesses because they are all just good friends.

Many famous people have been caught in the spotlights of their rivals this year. Murray Bartlett, Dave Gahan, and many more famous people are represented here. But we have already answered all questions that fans had through our posts. We hope this answers your question about whether or not Nolan Gould is gay.


Nolan Gould, known as Luke Dunphy from the ABC comedy show Modern Family, has gained a significant following due to his appearance and personal life. Born in New York City, Gould moved to California at the age of five.

He is a straight man who has dated women in the past but has never expressed interest in guys. Gould has dated girls publicly, and if he had dated men, he would have done the same.

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