Deermeatfordinner Divorced: What Happened to DeerMeatforDinner?

Deermeatfordinner Divorce: Relationships are often acted out in the open in the era of social media and online influencers. When things go wrong in these partnerships, it often becomes public knowledge.

DeerMeatForDinner’s divorce was one such high-profile divorce that attracted the attention of millions of people. His YouTube channel and social media profiles were known for their exciting hunting and cooking content.

Fans’ reactions to the news of DeerMeatForDinner’s (DMFD) divorce from his wife were a mixture of shock, conjecture, and concern.

Who is Deermeatfordinner?

Deermeatfordinner, his online alias, is a well-known character in the subcultures of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits.

Deermeatfordinner has garnered a large following on numerous social media platforms thanks to their infectious enthusiasm and fervor for the outdoors.

deermeatfordinner divorce

DeerMeatForDinner Biography

Name DeerMeatForDinner
Nick Name Robert Arrington
DOB 1984
Birthplace Jupiter, Florida
Nationality American
Relationship Married
Wife Sarah Arrington
Profession Youtube, Vlogger
Net Worth $4.91 Million

DeerMeatForDinner Wife

Sarah Arrington is not just the cherished wife of Robert Arrington but also his collaborator in the production of the material.

She entered this world in the city of Oshkosh in Wisconsin. Throughout her childhood, Sarah would accompany her father when he went fishing or hunting.

She has achieved a great deal of success in softball, a sport in which she continues to train. However, whenever the topic of hunting is brought up, the internet personality is always very impassioned.

The hunter goes along with her spouse on the exciting excursion that he is doing in Deermeatfordinner. The duo goes on exciting hunts and then prepares mouthwatering meals with the meat they bring back.

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Her instructional movies for people who want to learn how to do things themselves are also quite popular. Karen Evans and Lisa Arrington are the names of Sarah and Robert Arrington’s two adoring kids, who were born to them after they were married. They can be found quite frequently in Deermeatfordinner.

What Happened to DeerMeatforDinner?

Robert Arrington, the well-known host of the YouTube channel titled “Deer Meat for Dinner,” was involved in an automobile accident that permanently altered his life in November of 2016.

The incident led to catastrophic injuries, including the victim breaking their neck, fracturing their spine, and having their lung burst.

In addition to this, he had a stroke that left him partially paralyzed on the left side of his body. Jackie, his wife, tragically passed away as a result of the tragedy, and both of their small children were injured.

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After the accident, Arrington had a long and difficult road to recovery, during which she spent months in the hospital undergoing several procedures and putting in a lot of work at the rehabilitation center.

Reacquiring fundamental abilities like walking and talking presented him with a formidable obstacle to overcome. In addition to this, he committed himself fully to the strenuous process of physical therapy in order to recover the functionality of his left arm and hand.

DeerMeatForDinner Divorce

As of the latest updates, Robert Arrington, the charismatic host behind Deermeatfordinner, remains married to his beloved wife, Sarah.

Despite the rumors and speculations surrounding their marriage, it is essential to clarify that he isn’t divorced. The couple’s journey together, filled with their shared passion for the great outdoors, has been a cornerstone of the channel’s success.

deermeatfordinner divorce

While facing challenges in their personal lives, they have endeared themselves to millions of fans worldwide through their authenticity and genuine connection.

As the Deermeatfordinner community stands by their side, Robert and Sarah continue to navigate through this difficult time, demonstrating strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

The future of the channel and the couple’s journey together remain a topic of both curiosity and heartfelt support from their dedicated audience.

DeerMeatForDinner Accident Impact

Robert Arrington, the well-liked host of the YouTube channel “Deer Meat for Dinner,” was involved in a serious accident in 2016.

He was driving his truck when he suddenly lost control and flipped it over. Arrington suffered serious injuries in the collision, including a broken neck and a stroke. This caused him to be in a coma for quite some time.

Arrington’s recovery from his coma was long and laborious, and he still had to relearn how to do simple things like walk and communicate.

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His rehabilitation included extensive physical treatment. Arrington showed remarkable perseverance despite the difficulties and made a full recovery.

As a result of the incident, Arrington learned to appreciate each and every second of his existence. He decided to stop wasting time and start making a difference in the world, so he’s utilizing his celebrity to warn people about the dangers of texting while driving.


The difficulties that famous personalities confront when their private lives are open to public scrutiny were brought to light by the Deermeatfordinner divorce.

Divorce has shattered the idealized picture of family life depicted on the famous YouTube channel. Fans will definitely be there for Robert and Sarah as they continue to work through this challenging time, offering support and understanding.

It’s too early to tell how the Deermeatfordinner divorce will affect the world, but one thing’s for sure: it’ll have a huge effect on the hunting and outdoor community.

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