Watch These 10 Horror Movies Based on True Stories!

10 Horror Movies Based on True Stories: Horror stories have always been and will continue to be a big part of the best entertainment. It’s clear that these shows and series can be scary and scary things, which made people watch more scary things.

There are ghosts, monsters, devils, and every other kind of creature in horror stories, which makes it hard for people to think that just one ghost can scare anyone. We have one of the scary movies for you to watch. It’s clear that ghosts and the devil scare people the most.

Different scary movies have scared people over the years, but after a few jump scares, they can remember that it’s just a movie. When people find out that the stories are based on real events, however, things could get bad.

Filmmakers and screenwriters who made scary movies were inspired by a wide range of real crimes and events, such as people being terrified by killers or being taken over by a demonic entity.

1. Zodiac

The story begins in San Francisco and is about a serial killer named Zodiac who was active in the late 1960s. Who can be seen as one of the most dangerous killers in history?

In the movie, smart and observant people who play agents and reporters become obsessed with finding out the killer’s secret and putting him in jail. Zodiac is still killing people and taunting the police with secret messages and threatening phone calls.

2. The Amityville Horror

A family moves into a new house in New York State that was the scene of a recent mass murder and the home of a Satanist in the 18th century. As soon as they move in, supernatural forces start to scare them.

the amityville horror

When swarms of insects appear out of nowhere and slime and blood start to leak from their walls and pipes, they ask a priest to get rid of the bad spirits. Demonic beings scared a new couple after they moved into a big house where a horrible mass murder happened a year before.

Well, what could be scarier than living in a house full of evil spirits that are ready to kill everyone for no reason? Here, it’s interesting to watch a family fight against evil energy and a spirit.

3. The Conjuring

The scary horror movie called “The Conjuring” starts with the main character, Carolyn, and another character, Roger, moving their family to a run-down home.

Strange things started happening in the family quickly, and as they got worse, they turned into more and more scary nightmares. Carolyn asks Ed and his partner Lorraine, who are well-known paranormal hunters, to help her look into the house.

4. Poltergeist

Many bad ghosts have moved into a house that belongs to a family. At first, the ghosts seem nice. They make everyone laugh by moving things around the house, but then they take their youngest daughter.

The family lives a simple, everyday life in the country. It’s clear that the family has a lot of money and wants to move into a house.


Strange things started happening in the house, though. Furniture started moving around on its own, closet doors opened on their own, and chairs started sliding around the kitchen floor.

5. Compliance

The story of the movie Compliance starts with a scene in which a police officer walks into a fast food restaurant on a normal Friday and says that one of the workers stole from a customer, but there is something worse going on.

Sandra, who looks like the restaurant’s boss, is clearly having a terrible day. A man pretending to be a police officer calls her out of the blue to say that one of her young female workers stole from a client.

Becky is the most likely suspect, so Sandra takes her to a back room at the stranger’s request so that she can be checked before she is picked up.

6. 10 Rillington Place

John, a quiet middle-aged man, lives on the first floor. His looks hide the fact that he kills people over and over again. His plan is to pretend to be a doctor, get unsuspecting women to come to his apartment by saying he can cure them of disease, and then knock them out with carbon monoxide gas.

It is clear that he has sex with them while they are asleep and then chokes them to death before burying them somewhere no one can find them. Beryl, who is seen with a young woman who just moved into the top apartment of the house, is clearly his next target.

7. Open Water

In the movie, Daniel and Susan, who are the main characters, have their scuba diving certifications with them. They plan to go to a tropical place. During a whole dive, the two-part from each other so they can go a little deeper.

A wrong head count says that everyone has returned, so the boat leaves. When the couple comes to the surface, they can see a boat in the distance, but it takes them a while to understand that they have been left behind.

open water

The sharks below made their chances of living less likely. Two people who were scuba diving went missing. The plot gets interesting when the couple ends up in the shark zone.

8. Snowtown

Based on real events, the story is about a teenager named Jamie who gets involved with his mother’s new boyfriend and his group of neighborhood watchmen. This starts a murder case in the city.

One can see how a dangerous friendship with just one person can put them in danger. Jamie lives with her big family and tries to make it through each day as best he can. As you can see, he wanted to get into crime and make money as soon as possible.

Jamie wants to get away from the chaos and hopelessness around him, and John, a fascinating guy who helps Jamie out of the blue, gives him that chance.

9. The Birds

Melanie is the perfect example of a rich lady and spoiled brat who always gets what she wants. When lawyer Mitch plays a practical joke on her at a pet store, she plans to pay him back.

It’s clear that the joke hurt her, so she left right away to go back to her family. But as soon as she gets there, the birds start acting strangely.

Melanie is attacked by a seagull as she crosses the water in a small boat, and Lydia later finds her friend dead and dying from an attack by another bird. People will soon start getting attacked by birds when they go outside.

10. Dead Ringers

The story of the movie is mostly based on what happened in real life. In Dead Ringers, Beverly and Elliot, who are twin gynecologists, get hooked on drugs and become the main characters. Both brothers were found dead in their dirty park homes, even though they had done bad things and tried many times to clean up their mess.

Most likely, they died of an overdose, but the details of the case are still a total puzzle. In the movie, these twins looked like they were best friends and doing well in life. Except when both of them started doing drugs. It’s easy to see how these drugs led to their mysterious deaths.

No one knows how they died, and the cause of death is still unknown. It was thought that they died from taking too much.

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