Crazy Lamp Lady Divorce: The Struggle Over Divorce and Highlight the Success Story!

Crazy Lamp Lady Divorce: Once upon a time, an apparently regular couple graced the neighborhood of Woodsville, a little town in the Midwest. The townspeople took a shine to them because of their penchant for antique lamps and began calling them “The Lamp Lovers.”

Later, however, their love of lamps became obsessive, and they split up in a split known as the “Crazy Lamp Lady Divorce.” This cautionary tale emphasizes the dangers of giving in to obsessions and the value of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Crazy Lamp Lady Bio

Full Name Jocelyn Elizabeth
Nick Name Crazy Lamp Lady
Husband Andrew Waholek
Date of Birth

Crazy Lamp Lady: September 1st, 1988

Andrew Waholek: 9 June 1979


Crazy Lamp Lady: American

Andrew Waholek: Canadian

Net Worth

Crazy Lamp Lady: $1 million

Andrew Waholek: $1-5 Million

Did Jocelyn and Andrew Get Married?

The ceremony for Jocelyn and Andrew was held at the Catholic Church of the Little Flower, also in Coral Gables. The beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere of the old church made it an ideal location for their wedding.

At the altar, surrounded by the timeless beauty of stained glass windows and exquisite decorations, the couple said their vows in front of their family and friends.

Crazy Lamp Lady Divorce

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As they said their “I do’s,” and rings were passed back and forth, the air was filled with the sweetness of their love. Everyone who was lucky enough to attend Jocelyn and Andrew’s wedding at The Church of the Little Flower Catholic Church will always remember the wonderful occasion as one of the best days of their lives.

Crazy Lamp Lady With Her Two Children

According to Instagram, She has made the decision to keep the identity of the father of her children a secret, regardless of whether the children are from her former spouse or a previous relationship.

On the other hand, the website Jacksonville Progress claims that she is no longer married to her husband, who is the paternal grandfather of her children.

Even if Andrew is not the biological father of the children, it is clear that he has a deep love for them because the entire family travels together for holidays very frequently.

Her boyfriend is supportive of the work that she performs, and the two of them work together, assisting each other in the business that they own together.

Crazy Lamp Lady Highlight the Success Story

The crazy lamp lady had previously believed that she would not be successful in this industry. However, beginning in 2016, she began posting more interactive videos on her YouTube channel.

The YouTube star with a huge income began filming treasure-hunting adventures as he traveled across the country.

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She began posting on her new channel, aptly titled “Crazy Lamp Lady,” at the start of 2019. She eventually got the Silver to play button, too. By 2023, she is expected to have sold 700–900 items per month on eBay, making her a six-figure seller.

Crazy Lamp Lady: The Struggle Over Divorce

People became increasingly invested in the “Crazy Lamp Lady Divorce” as word of it circulated. Others agreed with Sarah, saying that following one’s interests is crucial to happiness.

Some others felt sorry for Robert because they saw him as a spouse whose worries were being overlooked because of the fixation.

Crazy Lamp Lady Divorce

The court case involving the lamps became symbolic of a deeper conflict: juggling the needs of a committed partnership with the desires of an independent self.

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Sarah’s legal team contended that the lamps were her personal property that she had purchased with her own money.

Robert’s lawyers contended that the effects of her preoccupation on their marriage meant that he was entitled to a part of the proceeds.

Jocelyn and Andrew’s Social Media Accounts

Jocelyn Andrew
Instagram Instagram
Twitter Twitter
Facebook Facebook

Discovering Interesting Facts

Just like many other popular YouTubers, the Crazy Lamp Lady has a number of fascinating anecdotes associated with her.

  • The fourth parrot that Crazy Lamp Lady had accidentally purchased through metal detection had been saved by her.
  • Her interest in numismatics and coins began with her fascination with the artifacts she unearthed.
  • Some of the other YouTubers, such as Thrifter Junker Vintage Hunter, Flying Pig Thrifts, and The Cult Of Vintage, are now close friends with Crazy Lamp Lady.
  • She has become close with the Garrett metal detector production staff and is a huge supporter of the brand.


Even though passions are important, moderation and communication are keys to maintaining a successful relationship, as the “Crazy Lamp Lady Divorce” so vividly illustrates.

It also emphasizes the value of striking a balance between our own interests and those we share with our significant others. We can all learn something from this unusual divorce: healthy relationships involve communication, compromise, and a genuine interest in each other’s well-being.

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