Mark Consuelos Shows Off His Body in a Shirtless Photo Before Joining Live

Mark Consuelos Shirtless: Mark Consuelos, 52, chose to tease his followers with a saucy new photo on Instagram before his new job as co-host of Live, which will soon be called Live with Kelly and Mark.

The Riverdale star posted a picture of himself walking down a dock in just his swim trunks over the weekend. But because the sun was shining right behind him, the picture mostly showed his outline. Consuelos wrote in the description, “If you like this kind of thing…”

It’s clear that his wife, 52-year-old Kelly Ripa, likes it. In the comments, the host of the Let’s Talk Off Camera show put seven fire emojis in a row.

She wasn’t the only one, though. Watch what goes on in real-time! Andy Cohen, who is a friend of the couple and a talk show host, said, “Gorgeous.” At the same time, Rob Liefeld, a friend, said, “Outstanding!!”

Mark Consuelos Shirtless

Most of the time, Ripa is the one who shares Consuelos’s thirst traps on social media. In August 2022, Ripa promoted her game show Generation Gap by posting a picture of Consuelos on the beach with the caption, “A thirsty reminder to watch an all-new #GenerationGap tonight at 9/8c on ABC (objects may be thirstier than they seem).”

We hope Consuelos is having a good time on this last-minute trip because he will be replacing Ryan Seacrest on Live in a week.

When the news first came out in February, Ripa made a post honoring Seacrest and making a joke about her husband by writing, “And @instasuelos, welcome home, or to the contractual obligation phase of our relationship.”

No Money Honey

After Kelly shocked fans of Live with a surprise confession about her and Mark’s Las Vegas wedding, they got a surprise look into their marriage.

Mark Consuelos Shirtless

The celebrity said that their wedding in 1996 only cost $179 because they booked last-minute trips to Las Vegas and she wore a dress she bought on sale five years before.

“We just had a very normal, very regular wedding,” Kelly said on air to Ryan. “It’s such a quick and easy way to get married. It was fun, too. We thought, “This is gambling!” Woohoo!'”

Kelly and Mark have three kids together: 21-year-old Lola, 25-year-old Michael, and 19-year-old Joaquin.


Mark Consuelos, 52, teased his followers with a new Instagram photo before his new job as co-host of Live with Kelly and Mark. The Riverdale star posted a picture of himself walking down a dock in swim trunks, with his wife, Kelly Ripa, sharing the picture.

Consuelos will replace Ryan Seacrest on Live in a week. Ripa also shared her husband’s wedding details.

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