Bebe Rexha Weight Gain: Rexha Talks About Why She Has Gained Weight

Bebe Rexha Weight Gain: Bebe Rexha is known for her outstanding hit songs, both the ones she wrote herself and the ones she wrote for other famous singers like Eminem. But after her sudden weight gain, the singer of “Me, Myself, and I” is once again the talk of the town.

Soon after that, Bebe Rexha’s friends began to wonder why she had gained weight. Even though many people helped her, she was attacked by some for not taking care of herself. But she’s Rexha, so she didn’t waste any time slamming such comments, which made more trouble for her, and fans saw her anger at her most recent show. Here’s all the information you need.

Who Is Bebe Rexha?

Bebe Rexha is a singer who was born in Brooklyn, New York City. So far, she has had a number of hits. The singer/songwriter has become very famous over the years, thanks to songs like “The Monster” by Eminem and “I’m a Mess,” which are popular and on-trend. But Rexha became interested in singing when she was still a child.

In high school, she joined the choir, and then she sent her song to the yearly Grammy Career Day event. That was a big reason why she became famous. After that, she met Pete Wentz, the drummer for Fall Out Boys, and became the lead singer for the band.

But when she signed with Warner Bros. Records, her career took a big turn. During her time with Warner Bros. Records, Rexha wrote a number of songs, such as “Glowing” by Nikki Williams and “Like a Champion” by Selena Gomez. Soon after that, she put out her own songs, which did well all over the world.

Bebe Rexha Weight Gain

Just in time, the singer became famous. But her success also brought her a lot of abuse. But she handled it with grace and talked about her journey to better mental health at the 62nd Grammy Awards.

Bebe Rexha Talks About Why She Has Gained Weight

A lot of people have said bad things about Rexha’s fast weight gain. The singer suddenly added 30 pounds, which shocked everyone and made the internet buzz. Soon, Bebe Rexha’s weight gain became a huge trend on the app TikTok. The singer said it was upsetting to see something like that on the search bar, along with all the comments about her sudden weight gain.

In the past, the star kept quiet about her weight gain, but she finally chose to talk about it. Rexha was a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show in June. During her appearance, she talked about being watched. She told the host, Jennifer Hudson, that she was always going to be in the public eye, despite all the abuse.

Rexha went on to say that she used to be slim and was a lot smaller before she gained so many pounds. She wasn’t upset about this, though, and accepted her place no matter what people said about her body. The Sacrifice singer also said that people have no idea what other people are going through.

They didn’t know anything about her life, and she felt bad for them because they still talked about gaining weight in 2023. Well, it was normal for Bebe Rexha to gain weight, and the singer was also trying to deal with the situation. But it doesn’t look like things are going in the right way.

To Blame for PCOS

Rexha revealed her diagnosis of PCOS and subsequent weight increase in an interview with 41-year-old Hudson. However, she is not alone in dealing with this issue. The composer claimed that many women share their experiences. Furthermore, many women were unaware that their weight increase was caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). So they start thinking they really are overweight. But eating habits have zero bearing on this issue.

Bebe Rexha Weight Gain

She also discussed the far-reaching effects of hormone imbalance. Rexha went on to say that it’s difficult to manage symptoms like PMS, excessive hair growth, acne, and weight gain. She has also been having difficulty eating. Bebe has just put on 30 pounds and found that her life is unmanageable.

As a result, Bebe Rexha’s weight increase has complicated her life as a performer. Despite this, she claimed that she had no plans to abstain from eating and instead would continue to eat whenever she felt hungry.

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Bebe Rexha Slimmed Down for “BootCamp”

Bebe Rexha has acknowledged her struggle to shed some of the weight that has accompanied her recent fame. She opened up about her ordeal on the SiriusXM show of host Gayle King. There she admitted that she had always been self-conscious about her appearance due to her weight.

Rexha echoed this sentiment, saying it was challenging for her to get into such form. The record label urged her to slim down after she signed her first album deal. She was told to drop 20 pounds to meet the requirements of BootCamp. Although difficult, the singer managed to pull it off. The situation has changed drastically, however.

Bebe Rexha Is Injured During Her Live Concrete

The 33-year-old singer was hurt Sunday night at her performance on The Rooftop at Pier 17. A crazed concertgoer tossed a phone at her during her Best F’n Night Of My Life tour. The singer, nominated for a Grammy, took a direct hit to the face and collapsed to her knees. The musician was quickly brought to the hospital when the crew members screamed for help.

Her mother later explained that her daughter’s face required three stitches. The fans were eager to take to Twitter following the incident to express their concern for Bebe Rexha. Many more expressed their solidarity with the singer and demanded harsh punishment for the perpetrator. Even though the main perpetrator of this incident has yet to be identified, supporters are demanding retribution.


Bebe Rexha is a singer/songwriter who has become famous due to her hit songs and her sudden weight gain. She was attacked by some for not taking care of herself, but she handled it with grace and talked about her journey to better mental health.

Bebe Rexha revealed her diagnosis of PCOS and subsequent weight increase in an interview with Jennifer Hudson, blaming it on hormone imbalance and the difficulty of managing symptoms. Bebe Rexha’s weight increase has complicated her life as a performer, but she has managed to drop 20 pounds to meet BootCamp requirements.

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