Jake Borelli Gain Weight: Get to Know the Talented Cast of Grey’s Anatomy

On the first episode of Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, which premiered on October 6, 2022, Jake Borelli’s weight increase was made known. Speculations concerning his weight increase and his newfound heaviness have taken over social media. But Jake Borelli hasn’t admitted he’s become fat yet.

After graduating from Upper Arlington High School, he was offered admission to both UCLA and Ohio State University, but he decided to pursue acting instead and relocated to Los Angeles. After relocating to Los Angeles, he was cast in guest appearances on a number of popular TV shows, including iCarly, Parenthood, NCIS: Los Angeles, True Jackson, Vice, Greek, and Suburgatory.

The actor has since made numerous cameo appearances in various short films. He landed a role in Netflix’s drama-comedy Reality High in 2017. In the same year, it was revealed that he would be playing Grey’s Anatomy intern Dr. Levi Schmitt. After five years, he finally finished Season 19 of the show, which just premiered on television.

After gaining weight, it was shown in Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy. Despite the interest of the audience, he has not commented on it. Here’s the skinny on Jake Borelli’s weight gain! Earlier, we discussed PartyNextDoor’s and Rachel Bloom’s experiences with weight growth.

Did Jake Borelli Gain Weight?

It seems like Jake Borelli (@jake.borelli) put on some weight sometime in late 2022.

Jake Borelli Gain Weight

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy is out, and with it comes the revelation that Jake Borelli has put on some weight. As the premiere of the medical drama’s new season aired, viewers immediately noticed that one of the actors didn’t seem quite the same as he had in previous seasons; he was noticeably heavier this time around. As soon as they noticed his weight gain, the conversation turned to why he had put on so much.

Well, there may not have been a major weight gain, but it was totally obvious, especially when comparing stills from the most recent episode to those from before. Regardless of his weight, he would have looked good on him. Nonetheless, the public finds his transformation intriguing and wants to know more about his weight gain. Perhaps since the shift is not so dramatic, Jake Borelli has not commented on it or even acknowledged that it has occurred.

However little Jake Borelli’s weight gain may be, his devoted following has taken note of it and discussed it without him. Yet there are many who don’t like how everyone seems to have an opinion on everything a celebrity does or says, so they’re like, “What does it matter if he did?? Perhaps he has personal issues he needs to deal with.

Moreover, there is another set of supporters who believe that people are creating a big fuss on the internet over nothing about Jake Borelli’s weight gain as it was a routine weight gain and ‘ it happens to all of us from time to time and a human actual man might gain a few lb. Some people put on weight as a result of external factors.

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A few have even speculated that the actor’s weight increase was planned for a future storyline on Grey’s Anatomy dealing with mental health. They say things like, “That’s plausible, like dude took six months off according to the like time leap, so that makes sense,” and they speculate that the story may be about mental health.

Some, however, believe that people have been digging too deeply into his weight increase, doubt that it was purposeful, and would rather not bother him further if he were to discover this.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Jake Borelli and Camilla Luddington Discuss Their Characters’ Relationship!

For promotional purposes, Grey’s Anatomy stars Jake Borelli and Camilla Luddington recently discussed the relationship between their characters, Jo and Levi, on the show.

Jake Borelli Gain Weight

According to Borelli, the characters’ friendship is his favorite part of the show, and he appreciated how much Levi relied on Jo this season and in previous seasons in order to find work again. According to Camilla, their relationship is a mix of love and hate. She found it amusing how the two characters butted heads in the pilot episode to the point that they couldn’t even speak to each other.

Camilla Luddington has stated that she is not completely against Jake Borelli’s plan for Levi and Jo to reconcile. Since Jo broke up with Todd last season, she “is not having any sex” and “is not dating anybody,” so perhaps Jo and Levi will get it on. She has expressed her appreciation for the characters’ platonic relationship and her willingness to go along with anything beyond that.

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