Lolo Wood Before Surgery: How Odell Beckham Jr.’s Ex Transformed Her Face and Body?

Following the announcement that Odell Beckham Jr. is dating Kim Kardashian, there has been a lot of speculation about his ex-girlfriend Lauren “Lolo” Wood. However, the model and influencer has been in the spotlight for years, thanks primarily to her work on Wild ‘n Out and Ridiculousness. Lauren’s look has steadily changed over the years, leading fans to speculate that she has undergone plastic surgery.

Lolo Wood Before Surgery

In recent months, Lolo’s facial appearance has been a subject of discussion. It is evident from comparing before-and-after photographs of Lolo Wood that her visage has significantly changed. It appears to be quite slender, and its features are slightly altered. After a decade has passed, her appearance has changed significantly.

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Speculations have ensued that she may have undertaken facelift surgery as a result. It has been claimed that she undertook a surgical procedure in order to attain the refined appearance of her nose, sculpted cheeks, and full fillers. However, her facial transformations may be ascribed to additional variables, including her pregnancy and exercise regimen.

Lolo Wood Before Surgery

Regrettably, no information regarding the Lolo Wood face lift is currently under scrutiny. The model has refrained from making any public statements regarding the issue. It is reasonable to conclude that she does not have a face lift. Her subtle changes in facial appearance could be mistaken for ordinary aging-related alterations.

Who is Lolo Wood?

Lolo Wood was born in Texas, United States, on March 13, 1993. This brings her total age to thirty as of March 2023. The name of her mother is Reita Wood, whereas her father’s identity is unknown. Ashley and Maleah, her two sisters, were her childhood companions.

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She transferred to Lorien Wood School for her secondary education. Following her graduation from high school, she enrolled at Horry Georgetown Technical College for her collegiate studies. What is Lolo Wood’s occupation? In addition to modeling and instructing, she is also a vocalist and songwriter.

Throughout her modeling career, she has collaborated with fashion industry titans such as Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things. Lolo from Wild n Out has amassed an enormous social media following, particularly on Instagram, where she discusses lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, and fitness. Additionally, her appearance on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out made her renowned.

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