Christina Aguilera’s Jaw-Dropping Weight Loss Journey Unveiled!

Christina Aguilera, who previously stated that she “hated being super skinny” and cherished her curves, has lost 40 pounds in preparation for her Las Vegas residency and is now more sculpted than she has been in years.

Concerning, nonetheless, is the musical star’s yo-yo dieting. “No one thinks it’s healthy,” an insider tells Life & Style exclusively, adding that the “Beautiful” singer, 43, has been exercising “rigorously” seven days a week and has been restricting her caloric intake to 1,600 calories per day.

“Christina felt less energized due to her increased weight,” according to the source. “Some are concerned she’ll gain the weight back but she loves all the attention she’s getting.”

While Aguilera maintains that her weight loss was solely attributable to a healthy diet, consistent exercise, and the avoidance of sugary munchies, some question whether the well-known weight loss supplement Ozempic also contributed to her transformation.

Weight Loss Journey of Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has had numerous ups and downs during her weight loss quest. After giving birth to her son, Max, in 2008, she received criticism for her extra weight. Her weight fluctuated throughout the next few years as she coped with the stress of her divorce from music composer Jordan Bratman.

In 2010, the singer began a new diet and exercise routine to lose weight for her sexual part in the film Burlesque. Since then, she has lost almost 40 pounds by following the Rainbow Diet, which consists of eating fruits and vegetables in a range of colors to ensure adequate vitamins and nutrients in your daily diet.

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She also limits her daily calorie intake to 1,600 and exercises out two to five times per week. Christina reportedly enjoys boxing, strength training, and aerobic workouts in particular.

Celebrity Pressures on Christina Aguilera

Christina disclosed to Health Magazine in April 2021 the aesthetic pressures she endured during the 1990s, including the belief that she was obligated to maintain her thinness.

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss

“I believe we all experience good and poor days in terms of our self-esteem. “Before entering this industry, I despised my extremely thin physique,” confessed the mother of two.

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“I began to gain a little bit of weight around the age of 21, and I adored my newfound curves.” “I was pleased to possess a booty.” She continued, “I find it difficult to view early photographs of myself because I recall feeling so insecure.” “I would never want to relive my 20s — you’re so in your own head and finding your confidence.”

Incredible Results of Christina Aguilera’s Weight Loss Journey

This month, Christina is showcasing the outcomes of her residency in Las Vegas, and she has been posting photos of the provocative attire she dons while performing.

Recently, the musician uploaded a new photo of herself donning an alluring silver chain ensemble. The mother of two was spotted in an Instagram post donning a minuscule metallic dress accompanied by black leather gloves.

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