What Happened to Lil Tay? Is She Staying With Her Dad at This Time?

What Happened to Lil Tay? In 2018, a 9-year-old Canadian posted some controversial videos and photos to Instagram and became an overnight social media star. Claire Eileen Qi Hope, also known as “Lil Tay,” became well-known on Instagram for sharing pictures of her lavish life and yelling vulgar and sometimes racial slurs at the camera while standing next to expensive cars and mansions.

Lil Tay had over 2 million Instagram followers. She called herself the youngest “Flexer of the century,” but it looks like custody battles and brand rights put an end to her social media “career.” After not being on social media since 2018, her Instagram stories posted a message that said, “We have bad news about Tay…”

What Happened to Lil Tay?

During the summer of 2018, Lil Tay almost disappeared. For months, she had been writing every day on her social media pages. The rapper’s Instagram at the time, according to the Daily Beast, said that her father, Christopher Hope, forced her to go back to Vancouver by filing a court motion.

Angela Tian, Lil Tay’s mother, told the outlet that she and Lil Tay’s father haven’t talked to each other since their daughter was a year old. This means that their bond isn’t strong.

“He said that if we didn’t come back, he would have my mother arrested,” the tween told The Daily Beast. “I hadn’t seen him in a long time. Since it’s been so long since I’ve seen him, it’s clear that he’s only back because he wants money.”

What Happened to Lil Tay?

At the time she was ordered by the court to go back to Canada, Chris’s lawyer, Harry Tsang, told the outlet that Chris’s father is not trying to make money off of his daughter but instead wants to do three things. “First, don’t make any more crazy movies of Tay swearing. Second, 25% of the gross income will go to a trust fund for the Tay people. He said that the third thing is that her business and public image must have order.

On April 21, 2021, Tay’s Instagram account shared what it called “bad news” about her, which made her fans worry about her health. Even though there was no official proof, people took to Twitter right away to share their worries.

“Wait, what is going on with Lil Tay?” one user wrote. Someone else wrote, “Noo. I hope Tay is all right. She was in charge of 2018. Little Tay, please don’t worry.

So, Where is Lil Tay Now? Is She Staying With Her Dad at This Time?

Before that mysterious post, the media star’s Instagram account hadn’t been changed since June 2018. In a December interview with the Daily Beast, Lil Tay didn’t say much about her home life, but she did say that she was in a “bad situation” with “Chris Hope.”

The fifth-grader said that she is homeschooled right now because she is “too famous” to go to public school. “He knows I’ll be surrounded,” she told him. “He wants me to go to school with other kids. “People know me too well for that.” It looks like the former “fixer” in Los Angeles has moved back to Canada to live as a “normal” teenager, away from social media and cameras.

What Happened to Lil Tay?

At the moment, we don’t know if we’ve seen the last of Lil Tay. Her mother had hoped that her daughter would join a professional team in Hollywood and have a “solid foundation,” but it looks like her father’s court order is keeping her in Canada. He told the Daily Beast, “Right now, nothing is settled.”


What She Does and How She Lives?

She lives with a family that used to live in Houston but moved to the country, in your opinion, to stay away from bad people. Taylor will have enough money to move back to Houston, where she grew up and has all her friends, one day, but for now, she is happily living with her new family.

What People Think of Her?

Most people either love Lil Day or hate her. Some people think she’s a spoiled brat who needs to be quiet and stop showing off, while others find her funny and entertaining. No matter what people think of her, there is no doubt that she is one of the most talked-about people on the internet right now.

A lot of people still don’t know what happened to Lil Tay’s parents. Some people say that her parents are her aunt and uncle, while others say that they are in jail or have died. No matter why, they are sure that Lil’ Day no longer lives with them.

Lil Tay became well-known on YouTube because of her candid videos that showed her lavish life. She talks about cars and money, but she also talks about her friendships with celebrities like Offset and cardi b. Even though some people find her annoying, there is no question that she has a large number of followers on social media.


Lil Tay, a 9-year-old Canadian, became an overnight social media star in 2018 but was forced to return to Canada due to custody battles and brand rights. On April 21, 2021, her Instagram account shared “bad news” about her, leading fans to worry about her health.

Lil Tay is homeschooled due to fame. Lil Tay has moved back to Canada to live as a “normal” teenager, but her father’s court order is keeping her in Canada. She lives with a family from Houston and has a large number of followers on social media.

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