Paddington 3: New Release Date and What to Expect from the Beloved Bear?

Even though Paddington 3 has been slow to get off the ground, you may rest assured that it will eventually be released. Studiocanal announced the title and director for the third Paddington film in June 2022: Dougal Wilson, who helmed the John Lewis Christmas advertisement for 2020, among other major music videos and commercials.

Paul King, also executive producing the film, wrote the story with Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton, while Burton, Jon Foster, and James Lamont wrote the screenplay.

After ten years of working on the Paddington movies, King admitted that he felt “absurdly protective” of the small bear and was “delighted” that Dougal would be there to grasp the bear’s paw for his third big-screen journey.

“Dougal’s writing never fails to amaze; it is simultaneously hilarious, moving, innovative, and fresh. We were once asked to “Please Look After This Bear” by Aunt Lucy. Dougal will do an excellent job, I have no doubt.

Here’s everything you need to know about Paddington 3, or Paddington as it’s known in Peru, while you wait (im)patiently for the new movie to arrive.

Paddington 3 Release Date

According to Deadline, production on Paddington 3 will begin on July 24. ‘Paddington in Peru’ is the official title for the third installment of the Paddington franchise, and it has been confirmed that filming will take place in both London and Peru.

Paddington 3 Release Date

The original Paddington movie began filming in September 2013, and was released in November 2014; Paddington 2 began filming in October 2016 and will be released in November 2017. We can therefore speculate that Paddington 3 will be released in theaters by the end of summer 2024.

Paddington 3 Possible Cast

As of May 2023, the cast for Paddington 3 has not been announced, although we can assume that Ben Whishaw and the other main performers will return.

Ben Whishaw’s delicate, childlike voice is a perfect fit for the CGI bear, making it hard to believe that Colin Firth was originally slated to provide the voice for Paddington. He hasn’t been formally confirmed to return, but we’d be surprised if he didn’t.

Casting predictions for Paddington 3:

Actor Character
Ben Whishaw Paddington
Imelda Staunton Aunt Lucy
Hugh Bonneville Henry Brown
Sally Hawkins Mary Brown
Madeleine Harris Judy Brown
Samuel Joslin Jonathan Brown

The Storyline of Paddington 3

Fans of the Paddington series know that the lovable bear was born in Peru and that his Aunt Lucy still lives there, so it stands to reason that the trio’s third installment, Paddington 3, will see the young bear visit his birthplace.

The plot was created by Paul King, Simon Farnaby, and Mark Burton, however, at this time, we have no concrete details. Burton, Jon Foster, and James Lamont wrote the screenplay.

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In Paddington’s Final Episode, the Real Queen of England Made a Short Appearance

The last time we saw the lovable bear was in February of 2022, in Paddington 3, when he appeared in a short film honoring Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee. Filmed in 2012 and available on YouTube, “Ma’amalade Sandwich Your Majesty?” depicts Paddington Bear and the Queen having a hilariously mischievous afternoon tea.

Paddington 3 Release Date

Although it is quite doubtful that Queen Elizabeth will appear in Paddington 3, the two appear to get along well due to their shared love of marmalade sandwiches. Her Majesty gives a performance befitting of Hugh Grant’s Phoenix Buchanan if she isn’t as fond of Paddington’s emergency hat-snack as she claims to be.

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Paddington 3 will be released in theaters by the end of summer 2024, with production beginning on July 24 and filming taking place in both London and Peru. Ben Whishaw’s delicate, childlike voice is perfect for the CGI bear. Paddington Bear visits his birthplace in Paddington 3, and the Real Queen of England appears in a short film honoring her Platinum Jubilee.

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