Drops of God Season 2 Release Date: What’s Next for Camille and Issei?

Drops of God, a version of the popular manga series, launched as an Apple TV Plus original in April 2023.

The captivating Apple TV series is essentially Succession with Wine. Many, many bottles of wine. Camille Léger flies all the way to Tokyo to attend the will reading of her famous father, the late wine tycoon Alexandre Léger.

She learns that Issei Tomine, a young oenologist whom Léger refers to as his “spiritual son,” is in the running to inherit her father’s renowned wine collection, money, and business empire.

Long-buried truths and conflicts are revealed as the couple competes in a series of wine-tasting challenges. The fact that this thriller is one of Apple’s first to be available in many languages (French, Japanese, and English) suggests that there is much more to discover beyond the first season.

So, here’s what we know about when you can expect to watch Drops of God Season 2.

Drops of God Season 2 Speculation Release Date

Since Drops of God season 1 is still going on, it might be a while before we hear about season 2. Assuming a second season has been ordered, we should find out by the summer of 2023 (when the first season concludes).

Who are the Creators of Drops of God?

Apple TV+ said that Drops of God, based on the same-name comic series by Tadashi Agi, will be made in August 2021. Quoc Dang Tran developed and wrote the drama series, which Oded Ruskin directed. In addition to authoring Disney+’s first French series, Paralleles, Tran is well-known for penning the French drama series Call My Agent and Marianne.

Drops of God Season 2 Release Date

Former shows that Ruskin directed for streaming services include Absentia on Prime Video and No Man’s Land on Hulu. Writer credits for the series also include contributions by Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat and Alice Vial.

Legendary Television, Dynamic Television, France Televisions, Hulu Japan, and Adline Entertainment have teamed up to produce the eight-part drama. Producer Klaus Zimmermann (Trapped, Borgia) is also behind Drops of God.

Who Might Be in Drops of God Season 2?

The primary cast members from the first season are likely to be brought back for a potential second season. Here is who we’re expecting:

Actor Character
Tomohisa Yamashita Issei Tomine
Fleur Geffrier Camille Leger
Makiko Watanabe Tomine Honoka
Satoshi Nikaido Tomine Hirokazu

Drops of God Season 2 Storyline Rumors

What happens next in Camille and Issei’s feud is expected to be the center of Drops of God Season 2.

The struggle between Camille and Issei over Léger’s wine empire and inheritance is currently the season’s primary plot. We anticipate that the current rivalry between the two, which centers on three wine-tasting-based challenges, will conclude before the end of the season.

In any case, the outcome will have significant repercussions for all parties, especially when more of the hidden history of Camille, Issei, and Léger is uncovered.

Drops of God Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 can also draw from the manga’s rich canon of stories, which spans 44 volumes and includes quests for things like the ’12 Apostle’ wines and Shizuku (the manga’s Camille stand-in) going abroad to track down the fabled ‘drops of God’ wine.

Drama series writer Quoc Dang Tran has previously stated that he is more interested in capturing the “essence” of the manga than committing to a more linear adaptation. However, the wealth of material at his disposal provides ample fodder (or wine) for future seasons.

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Drops of God Season 2: Where Can I Watch It?

If there is a second season of Drops of God, it will likely premiere only on Apple TV Plus. Due to the streaming service’s ownership of the first season, we don’t anticipate this situation changing any time soon.

How Many Episodes Will the Second Season of Drops of God Have?

A second season has not been commissioned, but if it is, we expect them to go with the same format of eight episodes. If Apple renews Drops of God for a second season, there’s no reason to deviate from the show’s current weekly, eight-episode pattern.



Drops of God is an Apple TV series based on Tadashi Agi’s manga series and will be released in 2023. Quoc Dang Tran and Ode Ruskin are the creators and producers, and the primary cast members from the first season are likely to be brought back for a potential second season.

Drops of God Season 2 will focus on the rivalry between Camille and Issei over Léger’s wine empire and inheritance, and will likely premiere on Apple TV Plus with eight episodes.

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