Queenmaker Season 2 Release Date Rumors and Confirmations!

Queenmaker, available on Netflix, follows the rise to power of labor rights attorney Oh Seung-sook (Moon So-ri) and political career fixer Hwang Do-hee (Kim Hee-ae) in their bid to elect Sook as mayor of Seoul.

Things got out of hand when the lawyer tried to sue her previous employer for wrongful termination. A lot of people’s secrets were exposed and their private lives were set on fire, but will there still be credible contenders when everything has settled for another season of the show?

This is all we know about the upcoming second season of Queenmaker.

Will There Be a Second Season of Queenmaker on Netflix?

There has been no announcement from Netflix about renewing Queenmaker for a second season as of this writing.

Nothing out of the ordinary here. When it comes to Korean dramas, Netflix has two main approaches. They often release the entire thing at once, or two episodes every week. The Glory is one of the few examples of a single season being split into many sections.

Queenmaker Season 2 RELEASE date

Queenmaker Season 2 Has Been Delayed Due to the Epidemic.

Possible reasons for the delay include the pandemic, but if everything goes as planned this time, Season 2 of Queenmaker might premiere in the spring or summer of 2024.

Queenmaker Season 2 Release Date

The success or failure of the first season of Queenmaker on the streaming service is likely to influence whether or not a second season will be produced. Therefore, it is currently impossible to estimate a release date.

The green light for Season 2 of Queenmaker has not yet been given. The wait will be long, though, even if the show gets revived for a second season. Once Netflix renews the series and production begins, we will provide a new estimated release date.

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This political K-drama’s first season started filming in early December 2021 and wrapped up in late June 2022, however, it didn’t premiere until April 2023.

Queenmaker Season 2 Cast

Should there be a second season, we would expect the following characters to return:

Name Role
Kim Hee-ae Queenmaker Hwang Do-hee
Moon So-ri Oh Seung-sook
Soo-young Ryu Baek Jae-mi
Seo Yi-sook Son Young-shim
Kim Tae-hoon Ma Jung-Seok

Queenmaker Season 1 Ending Explained

Kyung Sook and Jae Min are having an argument over something or other when they learn that Ji Yeon has died. Jae Min is ready to place responsibility on Kyung Sook, but all that she has said in response is that they should wait until they have more evidence before drawing any firm conclusions.

Do Hee, who has reason to believe that Ji Yeon has been abducted, is currently tailing the car in which she believes she was taken.

Ji Yeon is rescued after a fight that lasts all night and leaves many people injured, including Dong Joo. The following day, after regaining consciousness, Ji Yeon makes a public confession about her affair, her pregnancy, and Jae Min’s attempt on her life. That’s not all, though.

Kyung Sook also uses this opportunity to spill the beans about I Seul. Do Hee had thought it odd that on the day of I Seul’s death, all of the building’s CCTV video had been deleted?

Queenmaker Season 2 RELEASE date

The surveillance footage from the other building revealed that just as Seul was jumping to her death, Jae Min was casually departing the building. This had made it clear to Do Hee that there was more to the story than met the eye. When Ji Yeon finally joins them, she hands them Seul’s phone and other personal items that she had been hiding all this time. I Seul and Jae Min’s final talk was recorded on that mobile device.

She insisted he apologizes to her in front of the whole world, but he just couldn’t do it. He had hurled her off the building in a fit of rage. This tape was made in the present day, and Kyung Sook broadcasts it on her YouTube channel, exposing the truth about Jae Min to the public.


This is more than enough for Kyung Sook to become Seoul’s new mayor. Jae Min is crushed not just by his loss but also by the news that Carl Yoon’s false accusations of corruption against his father drove him to suicide. The Chairwoman has determined she would not allow Jae Min to pull down the family with him, so she sends an assassin to assassinate him while he is drinking away his grief. However, despite her best efforts, she underestimated Do Hee’s resolve.


Queenmaker, available on Netflix, follows the rise to power of labor rights attorney Oh Seung-sook and political career fixer Hwang Do-hee in their bid to elect Sook as mayor of Seoul. Season two may depend on how well it is received, with the cast expected to return.

Kyung Sook exposes the truth about Jae Min to the public, leading to her becoming Seoul’s new mayor. Jae Min is crushed by his loss and Carl Yoon’s false accusations of corruption, leading to his suicide.

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