Kill Boksoon Part 2: Release Date, Expected Cast, and Plot Details

The crime action movie Kill Boksoon is set in South Korea in the year 2023. Byun Sung-Hyun helms and wrote the picture. The 31st of March, 2023, was the launch date on Netflix. The release date for Kill Boksoon Part 2 and other information about the sequel will be discussed here.

Kill Boksoon Part 2 Release Date

Since Kill Boksoon just came out in theaters, we won’t tell you when to expect the sequel, but we will give you a taste of what to expect in the meanwhile.

It took 1 year to complete the production of the first installment of Kill Boksoon, which began filming in January 2022 and was released in March 2023. Assuming that construction on Kill Boksoon 2 begins in April 2023, we may expect it to be released in 2024.

Kill Boksoon Part 2 Expected Cast

The movie’s main characters in the first part were:

Actor Character Description
Jeon Do-Yeon Gil Bok-soon A single mother and the killer of MK. ENT.
Park Se-hyun Young Bok-soon A younger version of Gil Bok-soon.
Sol Kyung-gu Cha Min-kyu CEO of MK. ENT.
Lee Jae-Wook Young Min-kyu Bok-soon’s daughter is unaware of her mother’s profession.
Kim Si-a Gil Jae-Yeong Relative or associate of Gil Bok-soon.
Esom Cha Min-hee Director of MK. ENT and younger sister to Min-kyu.
Koo Kyo-hwan Han Hee-Seong An affiliated killer of MK. ENT.

For Kill Boksoon 2, we can count on Jeon Do-Yeon to reprise his role as the protagonist. Kim Si will most likely return as she has a significant part to play in the movie. One can only speculate as to whether or not any of the aforementioned actors will return for Kill Boksoon 2.

Kill Boksoon 2 could possibly have some fresh faces.

Kill Boksoon Part 2 Plot

The ending of Kill Boksoon, Part 1 is unresolved, suggesting that there is room for a continuation of the story. We’ve been following Gil Bok-Soon (Jeon Do-Yeon), a single mother and ruthless assassin who always hits her target. She is an employee of Cha Min-Kyu’s (Sol Kyung-gu) M.K. Ent. Gil Bok-Soon is well aware of Cha Min-Kyu’s lethal nature.

Kill Boksoon Part 2 Release Date

Soon after Gil Bok-Soon’s renewed contract becomes a priority, she is the target of a deadly conflict. The daughter of Gil Bok-soon finds out what her mother does for a living. There will be several unexpected turns in the sequel.

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When and Where Can I Watch Kill Boksoon?

The Netflix streaming service now features Kill Boksoon. The 31st of March, 2023, was the launch date on Netflix. You’ll need a Netflix membership to stream it properly.


Kill Boksoon Part 2 is expected to be released in 2024, with Jeon Do-Yeon reprising his role as the protagonist and Kim Si-a Gil Jae-Yeong likely returning. The movie’s plot is unresolved, suggesting there is room for a continuation of the story.

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