Zari Hassan Net Worth 2023: A Look into the Wealth of East Africa’s Top Entrepreneur

Zari Hassan, a successful entrepreneur, socialite, and reality TV personality from Uganda is well-known across the region. Zari’s beauty, charisma, and business sense have helped her rise to the top of the entertainment world.

She has amassed a large fortune via the success of her businesses, sponsorship deals, and reality TV program, “Zari the Boss Lady.” In this piece, we’ll examine Zari Hassan’s riches and the factors that have contributed to her rise to prominence as one of East Africa’s wealthiest women.

Who is Zari Hassan?

Zarinah Hassan, also known as Zari Hassan, alias Zari the Boss Lady, is a Ugandan socialite, artist, and entrepreneur who currently resides in South Africa.

She and her late husband, Ivan Ssemwanga, established Brooklyn City College (BCC) in South Africa; she now serves as its chief executive officer. Satellite campuses are located in Polokwane, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Vereeniging, and Rustenburg in addition to the main campus in Pretoria.

Zari Hassan’s Net Worth

In 2000, after living in the United Kingdom for two years, Hassan returned to her home country of Uganda. Since moving to South Africa, she has met and fallen in love with her ex-husband.

Zari Hassan Net Worth

Zari Hassan’s ex-husband is said to be raking in over Ush700 million monthly from his various businesses in Africa. Even though her ex-husband’s will stipulated that she would receive around half of their Ush 350 million monthly income, Zari apparently takes home the full amount every month. A total of $9 Million is Zari Hassan’s wealth.

Companies Owned by Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan is focusing his investments there at the moment. In addition to running a cosmetics store and a university, the boss lady is also pursuing a career in music. The company’s female CEO owns several businesses, including a luxury hotel, a chain of schools in Brooklyn, a mansion in South Africa, and a real estate agency.

Cars by Zari Hassan

Taking a peek at a Zari Hassan car can make you feel like a boss lady. The socialite doesn’t mind showing off her rumored multimillion-dollar fortune. The CEO uses a fleet that includes a BMW X6, a Range Rover Sport HSE, an Audi Q7, and a Mercedes-Benz E 250 CDI.

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Zari Hassan Career

Zari Hassan is a well-known businesswoman, singer, songwriter, and humanitarian from Uganda. She has had a lot of success in both the entertainment sector and the business world.

Zari has amassed a considerable fortune throughout the course of her career owing to her many lucrative side gigs. This article will examine Zari Hassan’s career and the means through which she has amassed her fortune.

Zari Hassan Dating

Zari Hassan married Ivan Ssemwanga, a millionaire she began seeing in 2004. They tied the knot and raised a brood of three kids as man and wife.

Zari Hassan Net Worth

Meanwhile, the couple’s ten-year marriage was on the rocks. Zari claims that her ex-husband was violent toward her because he was enamored with her.

Zari Hassan Relationship Rumors

A photo of Zari and Diamond, taken after her split from Ivan, surfaced online, with the two apparently having a great time together. Therefore, they denied being in a relationship, claiming instead that they were working together on an audio project.

A few weeks later, at the Channel O Video Music Awards in South Africa, the couple publicly acknowledged their relationship by walking the red carpet together. It was then found that Zari was the father of Diamond’s Child, Latifah Dangote.



Zari Hassan is a successful entrepreneur, socialite, and reality TV personality from Uganda who has amassed a large fortune through her businesses, sponsorship deals, and reality TV program. Zari Hassan is a well-known businesswoman, singer, songwriter, and humanitarian from Uganda who has amassed a considerable fortune through her many lucrative side gigs.

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