How Rich is Cody Rigsby? A Look into the Fitness Icon’s Net Worth

Cody Rigsby is a name you’ve heard of if you’re a fan of Peloton or a fitness enthusiast in general. He has a large online following as a popular fitness instructor.

Cody has swiftly risen to become one of Peloton’s most popular instructors, drawing in tens of thousands of weekly attendees. His cheerful outlook, intense training, and overall charisma have made him a phenomenon.

How wealthy is Cody Rigsby, though? This article provides an estimate of this fitness celebrity’s wealth by breaking down his salary, endorsement deals, and other financial assets.

Who is Cody Rigsby?

American dancer, fitness trainer, and reality TV star Cody Rigsby. Although Rigsby was born in California, he spent his formative years in Greensboro. When enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, he decided to take up dance during his first year.

After hearing about an internship opportunity at a dancing studio in New York City from a friend, he decided to make the trip.


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Cody Rigsby Career

Rigsby performed as a dancer for Katy Perry, Pitbull, and Saturday Night Live after finishing his undergraduate degree. During the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, he danced as Nicki Minaj’s backup dancer.

The Box Manhattan choreographer told him about the openings at the fitness business Peloton when he was working there. After applying, Rigsby was quickly employed.

Rigsby was paired with professional dancer Cheryl Burke on the 19th of September, 2021, to compete in the 30th season of Dancing with the Stars. In the end, Rigsby and Burke came in at #3.

Cody Rigsby’s Net Worth

According to Otakukart, In 2023, Cody Rigsby may expect his income in the United States to be around $10 million. He is among the most followed personalities in the country. He immediately rose to prominence in the health and fitness world.

His primary source of income comes from his position as a fitness trainer and health specialist at Peloton. Cody Rigsby earns $750 every class at Peloton. His fortune grows annually as a result of his success in the fitness sector.

Cody Rigsby Net Worth

Cody came from a middle-class background, but he has risen quite a bit in the economic ranks as a result of his diligence and thrift. He gained notoriety for revolutionizing the way lessons were taught at Peloton. Several supplement companies support him, and that’s another source of income. Cody Rigsby averages over $500,000 per year in earnings.

Cody Rigsby’s Home And Asset!

One of the wealthiest fitness instructors in the United States, Cody Rigsby enjoys a luxurious life. He is wealthy enough to afford lavish rural mansions. In 2021, Rigsby purchased a lavish condominium in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s located in a stunning section of town.

This luxurious penthouse, according to some reports, can set you back a whopping $1.46 million. The house’s splendor is enhanced by the beautiful view that can be had from the balcony. Cody Rigsby also owns a wide variety of luxury real estate and fitness centers across the country.

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Brand endorsements

The Peloton trainer also discusses the recent partnership between Peloton and Addidas, which allows his fans to dress like him. Rigsby’s popularity and appearances in publications like Men’s Health and People contribute to his wealth.

In addition to his work with ‘Adidas,’ Rigsby also appears in a special edition of Chobani’s Complete Shake. In addition to his work with the health and wellness company Therabody on his pride campaign, Cody Rigsby (in partnership with OUT Foundation).

The Peloton instructor also discusses the upcoming relationship between Peloton and Addidas, which will allow his fans to dress like their favorite fitness icon. Magazines like Men’s Health and People have featured Rigsby, contributing to his fame and wealth.

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In conclusion, Cody Rigsby is one of the most prominent fitness trainers and celebrities in the US. He earned $10 million in 2023 from his Peloton teaching and brand endorsements. Peloton pays Cody $750 per class. Adidas and Chobani partnerships also boost his income.

Cody owns several real estate holdings and fitness clubs nationwide, including a $1.46 million Williamsburg penthouse. Cody’s personality, talent, and hard work have made him a fitness superstar, inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle.

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