Who is Hunter Girl Dating Now? Unraveling the Mystery

Hunter Girl is a well-known famous person, so naturally many people are curious about her private life. Few details are known about her romantic life, but fans are dying to find out who Hunter Girl is seeing.

Hunter Girl’s admirers are ready for confirmation or denial of reports regarding her sexual life because she is a public figure. In this light, it’s only reasonable for fans to wonder who Hunter Girl is dating right now if anybody at all.

Who is Hunter Girl?

HunterGirl has been a top candidate for American Idol since she first appeared in the season 20 premiere. The 20-year-old girl impressed judges during her audition, earning her the first Platinum Ticket of the season. In the season 20 finale, she will compete against Noah Thompson and Leah Marlene, two of the three remaining contestants.

The true identity of HunterGirl is Hunter Wolkonowski. Her hometown is Winchester, Tennessee. HunterGirl is mostly a Nashville-based musician.

who is hunter girl dating

HunterGirl graduated from MTSU’s music business program with a bachelor’s degree. According to her official website, HunterGirl won many songwriting competitions while still in college. She has performed before such artists as Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins, and Sara Evans on concert stages.

The debut song by HunterGirl was released in 2018 and is titled “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.” In 2022, she released an EP with five new songs named One Day. She has unveiled her new track “Red Bird.”

Who is Hunter Girl Dating Now?

There were many rumors that Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl were dating after their time on American Idol. In the year 2022, Hunter Girl placed second. Noah and Hunter Girl became great friends throughout their time together at the show.

Noah observes and, for the most part, disregards social media conversations about his personal life. The rumor that the ‘American Idol’ winner is single and looking is particularly irritating to him. The rumor has it that Noah and his infant daughter’s mother, Angel Dixon, have broken up because of HunterGirl.

who is hunter girl dating

With Evan Paul of Taste of Country Nights, Noah commented, “The only thing that bothers me is people talking about, like, Hunter,” referring to Hunter, the girl he competed against until the end of Season 20 in May 2022. They grew close throughout their time together on the show.

“We had our trailers side by side,” the “Stay” singer explains. We didn’t make that decision. You and I bonded really well. We discussed the difficulties of being in another person’s shoes, and we both offered our support. We’ve literally become the best of friends.

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What you’re witnessing is just two pals messing about. Hunter has my undying affection. But we’re not together,” he insists emphatically.


Hunter Girl is a well-known celebrity with few details about her romantic life, leading fans to wonder who she is seeing. Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl became great friends, but Noah is not single and is not looking for a relationship.

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