Who is Noah Thompson Dating? All the Details on His Love Life

Noah Thompson has a large fanbase, and his love life has always been a point of discussion among his devotees. Many people wonder who he is seeing or whether he is even dating at the moment since they are intrigued by rumors surrounding his personal life.

This article will discuss Noah Thompson’s romantic history, present relationship status, and rumors about potential future partners. If you’re wondering who Noah Thompson looks like, you’ve come to the right place.

Who is Noah Thompson?

Noah Thompson is a singer who won American Idol’s twentieth season. Noah went to high school in Louisa, Kentucky, at the Lawrence County facility. Noah was a construction worker before he auditioned for American Idol.

Not only has Noah sung his own songs like “Pedestal,” “Not a Phase,” and “Heart Painted Black” on his YouTube channel, but he has also covered the music of others.

who is noah thompson dating

His best buddy Arthur convinced him to audition for American Idol, despite the fact that he had little interest in doing so. On April 18, 2002, Noah Thompson entered this world in Huntington, West Virginia.

Noah Thompson Early Life

Thompson was born in Huntington, West Virginia on April 18th, 2002. He graduated from Louisa (Kentucky) Lawrence County High School. He was a builder before he tried out for American Idol.

In addition to posting cover versions of popular songs, he also performs his own material, such as “Not a Phase,” “Pedestal,” and “Heart Painted Black,” on his YouTube page. His friend Arthur convinced him to try out for American Idol, despite the fact that he had no intention of doing so.

Who’s Noah Thompson Dating?

Angel Dixon is the only woman Noah Thompson has ever dated. Kentucky native and country artist Noah has posted some introspective photographs to Instagram. Noah and his kid Walker were seen in the images having fun outside while wearing matching trucker hats.

who is noah thompson dating

Noah and his girlfriend Angel Dixon had a child together. The pictures seem like they capture a sweet moment between a dad and his kid.

Is Angel Still Dating Noah Thompson?

They are still together, Noah Thompson and Angel. One of the main reasons we haven’t heard much about Angel Dixon for so long is that Noah has always been a very private guy.

We also can’t ignore the fact that she periodically shows off her cute relationship with his son by posting photos of them together online. They have a great family of three, despite not being married yet.

Is Noah Thompson Engaged?

Noah Thompson Married: Noah Thompson is not a married man. But Angel Dixon was the mother of Noah’s baby, so followers of Noah on social media and elsewhere likely recognize her name.

Since they were still in high school when they began dating in 2018, that seems like an extremely long time ago. Their current dynamic between them is undeniably adorable.


Noah Thompson is a singer who won American Idol’s twentieth season, and his love life has been a point of discussion. Noah Thompson is dating Angel Dixon, the only woman he has ever dated, and they have a great family of three.

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