Fans Speculate: Are Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl a Couple?

Here, we’ll talk about whether or not Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl are dating. There has been talking of a possible romance between these two people, and many are intrigued as to whether or not these rumors have any basis in reality.

Here, we’ll discuss the circumstantial evidence for and against a romantic relationship between Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl. Let’s investigate more to find out more.

Are Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl Dating?

Noah sees people talking about his personal life on social media, but he mostly ignores it. The ‘American Idol champion is irritated by a rumor about his romantic life. The rumor has it that Noah and his infant daughter’s mother, Angel Dixon, have broken up because of HunterGirl.

Noah told Evan Paul of Taste of Country Nights, “The only thing that bothers me is people talking about, like, Hunter,” referring to Hunter, the woman he competed against until the end of Season 20 in May 2022. They grew close throughout their time together on the show.

are noah thompson and hunter girl dating

The “Stay” singer recalls, “We had our trailers side by side.” Not something we would have chosen. You and I bonded really well. We discussed the difficulties of being in another person’s shoes, and we both offered our support. Simply said, we’re the best of friends now.

What you’re witnessing is just two pals messing about. Hunter has my undying affection. He responds, “But we are not together. To this he adds, “They’re good friends,” referring to Angel and Hunter. Angel, Hunter, and Angel had a conversation when Angel flew down here. They get along famously. It’s time for everyone to give up. Absolutely nothing has been done.

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“American Idol” Moved the Story Forward

Noah and HunterGirl are being promoted together by “American Idol.” They play concerts together despite the fact that they are each headlining their own performances. At the CMA Festival in June of 2022, the country music stars performed a duet.

are noah thompson and hunter girl dating

After that was the Whisky Jam performance. On the other side, Hunter was busy with her own performance and couldn’t join us for the second night. In August of 2022, they both appeared at a performance in Michigan.

Who is Noah Thompson Dating?

Noah Thompson is only dating his girlfriend Angel Dixon. Kentucky-born country music star Noah has been posting intimate images of himself to Instagram.

In the photos, Noah and his son Walker could be seen having fun in the sun while sporting identical trucker caps. Noah and his fiancée, Angel Dixon, are both parents to their kid. The pictures seem to illustrate a touching moment shared by a father and his child.


Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl are not dating, but Noah is irritated by rumors of a romantic relationship. Noah Thompson and HunterGirl are getting along famously, and Noah is only dating his girlfriend Angel Dixon.

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