Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers: Can Boruto Survive the Wrath of Team 10?

The most recent episode of Boruto included a major narrative surprise that left viewers reeling. Boruto and Kawaki’s roles in life are reversed at the end of Chapter 79. In the manga, a renegade shinobi is a villain, therefore this makes Boruto a terrible character.

Readers are eagerly awaiting the release of Boruto Chapter 80 to find out what happens next. In this article, we will discuss everything that has been revealed regarding Boruto chapter 80.

We will update our readers on the status of the next 80th chapter, relay any new information, and recap the events of the previous installment. If you want to know more, you’ll have to read on! Many readers had been hoping that something major would go wrong with Boruto for quite some time. It was established early on by Momoshiki that Boruto would have a difficult and painful existence.

Still, none saw coming to the major plot twist that has everyone wondering where the author is taking the series. The truth is out: Kawaki is Naruto’s biological son and Boruto is the adopted son. It was because of Kawaki’s sadness and pain that Naruto first took him in. Our previously held beliefs and understandings have been entirely overturned.

The Delay of the Leaks (Chapter 80) in Boruto

Generally, spoilers begin to surface on Twitter and Reddit around the 16th of each month. False rumors and upset fan comments are all that is now available regarding the newest chapter.

Due to the fact that April 16th, 2023 was a Sunday, no manga dissemination services were available. Because of this, unlike prior months, there were no spoilers on the sixteenth of this one.

Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers

Although it was a workday, supporters were very confident that leaks will begin surfacing on Monday, April 17, 2023. No spoilers for the same were available once again, unfortunately. The possible cause is the magazine’s late arrival. Since no online leaks appeared on Monday, it appears that the publications were not shipped to retailers.

Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers

Spoilers for the upcoming chapter 80 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have appeared online. The following story details were disclosed by Abdul_Zol2 for the upcoming chapter, titled “If It’s my dad…” in Japan.

Despite Kawaki and the rest of Team 10’s best efforts, Boruto has not yet been captured. Shikamaru challenges Eida to provide evidence that Boruto was responsible for Naruto’s death. Eida verifies the ominous words spoken by Kawaki, who has grabbed him. Shikamaru then reveals that Boruto is on the run after killing Naruto.

Sarada’s tears flow at the news, and Mitsuki rushes out to find Boruto. When Eida inquires as to whether or not this is necessary, Kawaki responds that he must confine Naruto until he can eliminate Boruto. But as he finishes his sentence, Daemon enters.

Sarada breaks down in tears as she tells Sasuke that Boruto is likely to be killed by Mitsuri. Sasuke agrees, saying such a response is to be expected, but then Sumire phones Sarada to inform her that Mitsuri is ready to kill Boruto. The efforts of Eida to alter their recollections appear to have been futile. Then it’s up to Boruto to take on Team 10!

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Sumire explains to Sarada how memory manipulation works and informs her that everything that has happened is Eida’s fault. Sarada begins to cry once more, but Sumire assures her that the fate of Boruto depends on them alone.

Boruto Chapter 79 Recap

Eida takes advantage of Kawaki’s absence of a chakra signal in Boruto chapter 79.

Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers

Eida pursues Kawaki with her potent Seringan and offers to join forces with him since she knows he would benefit much from working with her. On the other side, Amado is eager to finally meet Kawaki so that he may activate a system implanted in him that will aid in stopping Kawaki.

Even though Amado doesn’t have noble intentions, he attempts to get Shikamaru to assist him anyhow. As Ishiki had promised, Amado will be able to revive his daughter provided he is allowed to go once Kawaki is cared for. If Ishiki ate the magical fruit, he’d have access to Shinjutsu and be able to grant Amado’s last desire.



The most recent episode of Boruto revealed that Kawaki is Naruto’s biological son and Boruto is the adopted son. Leaks for the upcoming chapter 80 have appeared online, but no spoilers were available on Monday.

Shikamaru challenges Eida to prove Boruto was responsible for Naruto’s death, and Kawaki reveals that Boruto is on the run after killing Naruto. Eida pursues Kawaki with her Seringan, while Amado attempts to get Shikamaru to assist him.

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