Countdown to Payback Chapter 57: Release Date, Forecasts, and Spoilers

The Payback Chapter 57 The famous action-thriller comic series Payback is written and drawn by Fujoking. Bomtoon prints the book. Manga is very famous all over the world because it has a good story and lots of action.

Fans have been waiting eagerly for Payback Chapter 57 to come out after the exciting events of the previous chapter. This piece will talk about the release date, forecasts, and spoilers for Chapter 57 of Payback.

What is Payback All About?

Lee Yoohan was getting sucked into a world of crime and excess while his friends were studying for the CSAT. Most kids were getting ready to take the CSAT at this time.

When he is working for a loan shark, someone kills a member of his family as a way to get back at him, and Karma catches up with him.

payback chapter 57 release date

Years later, after he’s tried to make up for his mistakes and put the past behind him, he meets a worker in the entertainment business who gives him the chance to get even.

Payback Chapter 57 Release Date

A date has been set for the public release of Payback Chapter 57. The next show will come out on April 20, 2023, which is a Sunday. Keep in mind that the date may be very different depending on where the person is and what time zone they are in.

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Let’s Take a Look at Payback Chapter 56’s Recap

In Chapter 56, Lee Jihyun, a well-known actress who also uses Payback, meets Kang Haneul. She asks him to play the lead role in the movie version of her book.

She tells him that the work was inspired by her cheating ex-husband, who also ruined her career. She hopes that Haneul will play her ex-husband in the movie and have the same sad ending as he did.

payback chapter 57 release date

Haneul agrees to do the job, but she is still not sure what Jihyun really wants. He thinks that she is using Payback to get him and the other players to do what she wants. He also says that Jihyun, like him, has a scar on her neck from when she tried to kill herself but failed.

Where Can You Read Chapter 57 of Payback?

On the Bomtoon website, you can now find the Korean version of Payback. But you can read it in a lot of other places. Still, we think you should look at Payback on the main page.

There are both English and Korean versions of the page. There is also an English version of Payback, which is released by Lezin Comic and can be found on Mangakakalot.



Payback Chapter 57 is an action-thriller comic series written and drawn by Fujoking and published by Bomtoon. It follows Lee Yoohan, who is sucked into a world of crime and excess while studying for the CSAT. The public release date is April 20, 2023, which may vary depending on location and time zone.

Lee Jihyun, a well-known actress, meets Kang Haneul in Chapter 56. Haneul agrees to play Jihyun’s ex-husband in the movie version of Payback but is still uncertain about what Jihyun wants. Payback can be found on the Bomtoon website, Lezin Comic, and Mangakakalot, with an English version released by Lezin Comic.

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