What’s Next for Kazuya Shibuya? Fans Anticipate Payback Chapter 56

Fans of the popular manga series “Payback” can’t wait for chapter 56 to come out. Renowned manga artist Inio Asano pens and draws a series about a bullied high school boy named Kazuya Shibuya and his quest for vengeance against those responsible for his suffering. The manga has a devoted fanbase thanks to its honest depiction of adolescent struggles like bullying, trauma, and the quest for self-discovery.

As the publishing date for chapter 56 approaches, many are wondering where the tale will go next. Is Kazuya going to have his revenge, or will he have to deal with the fallout? Readers are anticipating the next chapter with bated breath because of the cliffhanger finish of the previous one.

The production schedule for Chapter 56 of “Payback” is discussed here, along with some speculation on the content of the following chapter. Get ready for the next nail-biting installment in this critically renowned manga series.

Payback Chapter 56 Release Date

The Payback manhwa’s publisher, Bomtoon, has announced on their website that the next chapter will be released on April 10th, 2023.

Payback Chapter 56 Release Date

Most of the time, a new chapter will be posted on the 10, 20, and either the 31st or 30th of every month. On the other side, unexpected occurrences may necessitate postponement or revision of the schedule.

Payback Chapter 55 Recap

Chapter 55 of Payback is where Jay tells Yoohan he loves him for the first time, and Yoohan explains how he felt about the news. The revelation will come as a shock to him, and he may begin to wonder why Jay didn’t tell him sooner.

He will probe Jay on his motivations for aiding him in taking vengeance on his foes and his feelings for Jay. Cha Joong-woo will inevitably keep coming up with schemes to damage Yoohan’s professional standing and reputation.

In addition, he will believe that Jay is dating Yoohan behind her back and will eventually spill the beans.

When Will It Be Ready to Read?

Lezhin Comics is a Japanese company that publishes the manga in both Japanese and English. To access the service of some chapters, you may be required to pay a fee or join as a member. Mangakakalot provides its users with a free service to translate manga into English.

Payback Chapter 56 Release Date

Ads and pop-ups are possible on this website. Bakamitai is another no-cost website with fan-made manga translations. Bomtoon hosts a copy of Payback as well. Ads and pop-ups are possible here as well.


In conclusion, “Payback” readers have been waiting impatiently for the arrival of chapter 56 of this exciting manga. The manga has a strong fanbase thanks to author Inio Asano’s honest depiction of adolescent hardships. As the release date draws near, fans are getting antsy to find out what happens next in Kazuya Shibuya’s quest for vengeance.

However, the schedule is subject to change or delay if unforeseen circumstances arise. Jay’s unexpected declaration of love for Yoohan in Chapter 55.

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