‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 103 Release Date With Recap of Previous Chapter!

The countless spin-off shows and continuations that the original 1984 comic inspired serve as the only evidence that Dragon Ball will never go out of style.

Next came Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Z Kai, which was essentially simply a re-edit of the original Dragon Ball. Finally, in 2015, Dragon Ball Super made its premiere, marking the first new Dragon Ball series in a whopping eighteen years.

Due to Akira Toriyama’s tragic death in 2024, the manga is now considered to be his final work, which makes it even more special. Although new Dragon Ball content will no longer be available to fans after his passing, a few more chapters of his Dragon Ball Super manga will still be published.

When Will Chapter 103 of Dragon Ball Super be Released?

The plot of Dragon Ball Super was already nearing its climax, so fans are hopeful that the popular manga will still reach a satisfying conclusion even without Toriyama. Until his passing, Toriyama was involved in its development, but chapter 103 may be one of the final works in which the renowned manga creator appeared.

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Given this, the significance of this chapter becomes evident. For fans, some of whom have been reading Toriyama’s works since infancy, this is an incredibly significant release. It is also scheduled for release shortly after his passing, on March 21.

The new chapter is scheduled to be made available beginning at 10 a.m. JST, which is equivalent to 9 p.m. EST but one day earlier. That implies that the chapter will be available in the United States on March 20 at 9 pm EST (or 8 pm CT and 6 pm PT), whereas it will be available in Japan at 10 am on March 21. The chapter will be available in the United Kingdom at 1:00 a.m. on March 21.

Where Can We find chapter 103 of Dragon Ball Super?

The Shonen Jump mobile app, VIZ Media’s website, and Shueisha’s MANGA Plus platforms will all offer Dragon Ball Super chapter 103 for reading.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 103 Release Date

Fans can read the first three and most recent three chapters of a manga series repeatedly for free on all three of the aforementioned websites. That being stated, each time a new chapter of a manga is published, the previous three chapters are updated.

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Fans can read the other chapters for free on the MANGA Plus smartphone app, but they become locked after only one viewing. Therefore, a premium membership must be purchased to access that.

Recap of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 102, Son Goku vs. Son Gohan, Goku transported all guests at Gohan’s residence to the planet of Lord Beerus via Instant Transmission. There, Goku intended to engage Gohan in combat. At that moment, Vegeta devised the plan to have Gohan engage in combat with Goten and Trunks before his confrontation with Goku. Although Goten and Trunks delivered a commendable performance, their disastrous fusion routine ruined it.

After the manga, Goku and Gohan engaged in combat while in their respective beast and mastery of ultra instinct forms. Everyone was astounded by Gohan’s new form and pondered its comparative strength to Goku’s most formidable form. Gohan and his father engaged in verbal combat.

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