Disney Junior’s Ariel Season 1 Takes us Under the Sea Once Again!

We are very excited for the first look at ‘Disney Junior’s Ariel Season 1’ .  This animated musical series for children is coming soon. The Little Mermaid, a classic Walt Disney film that debuted in 1989, serves as the inspiration for this series.

In this live-action remake, the lead role is played by Mykal-Micheal Harris. Taye Diggs portrays King Triton, and Amber Riley portrays Ursula. The set was designed in the Caribbean-inspired underwater kingdom of Atlantica. The series contains a young Ariel’s favorite characteristics. Disney Junior’s Ariel is produced by Lynne Sotherland.

Let us Discuss its Production Details:

  • Supervising Director: Kuni Tomita Bowen
  • Art Director: Chrystin Garland
  • Executive Producer: Lynne Southerland
  • Story Editors: Norma P. Sepulveda and Keith Wagner
  • Producer: Ezra Edmond
  • Genre: Animated Musical Series

You will be glad to know that the release date of ‘Disney Junior Ariel’ is revealed

The premiere of the next season of “Disney Junior Ariel” is scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2024. In addition to being made available on Disney Junior, it will also be broadcast on the Disney channel later the following day. Additionally, an initial batch of eight episodes will be made available on Disney+ the day after that. There will be a total of 120 episodes, which will be distributed across two seasons, and they will be released until the year 2027.

Disney Junior's Ariel Season 1 Takes us Under the Sea Once Again!

What’s the story of Disney Junior’s Ariel season 1 ?

The film “The Little Mermaid” by Disney was well known to all of us. Over the course of few decades, the hearts of millions of supporters become warm. Jonah Hauer plays the role of Eric, and Halle Bailey plays Ariel, in the film adaptation of the classic. The Little Mermaid introduces a new generation to the story.

Junior Ariel is a brand-new animated series produced by Disney that is aimed at younger audiences. Within her crystal cavern, Ariel is fascinated by the prospect of gathering many little items. With the help of her friends, she was able to find solutions to the issues. It is dependent on Ariel’s feelings that the color of her tail changes.

In addition to Taye Diggs, who portrays King Triton, and Amber Riley, who plays Usmula, Mykal-Michael Harris, who plays Ariel, is the player who takes the primary part. Young children will be given the ability to learn new things and be encouraged to take positive chances through the use of this new animated series from Disney.

for the purpose of accompanying Ariel as she used to make discoveries, find solutions to issues, and always learn new things that are valuable. Grace Newton, Elizabeth Phoenix Caro, and Fernie (Cruz Flateau), three of her closest friends, are present for the event.

The celebration of Caribbean culture is now taking place, and it is showcasing the musical talent and key concept that encourages early learners to have a growth mentality throughout the presentation.

Young people will be inspired to learn new things and to take a good risk in order to try new things by watching this animated movie together.

The “Southern Land” asserts that the planet is teeming with many different kinds of species and that it is an excellent location for exploration. Even though we were in the air, we had one of the most exciting adventures. In order to better grasp the world of children’s dreams, parents will benefit from watching this amazing animated film.

The Ursula has been given the name “Tauntie Ursula” in the new series. It has been said that she plays the part of a more compassionate and kinder version of the antagonist. Ariel’s pal possesses a variety of hair accessories, including ponytail balls and ethnic jewelry.

This brand-new series is musical, and both children and their parents will be thrilled by it. Each and every episode contains a minimum of one song in addition to any other musical elements.

Who Voices As the Cast of ‘Disney Junior’s Ariel season 1’?

Gracen Newton voices Flounder in “Disney Junior Ariel”  an animated movie inspired by “The little mermaid” that follows that young mermaid princess Ariel as she goes on fun-filled, Action packed adventures with her friend.

Jessica Mikayla is an American actress who voices Alana in “Disney Junior Ariel”  As the Ariel’s twin sister Alana and Ayanna.

Mykal-Micheal Harris is an American actress , who voices Titular Ariel. Ariel is the main protagonist character in the “Disney Junior Ariel”.

Taye Diggs  voices the King Triton. He is a tritagonist in “Disney Junior Ariel”.

Amber Riley voices Ursula in “Disney Junior Ariel”. She is represented as a mentor to young Ariel.

Is there a trailer of ‘Disney Junior’s Ariel season 1’?

If you want to see  the trailer of “Disney Junior Ariel” then click on this link. The series centers on Ariel and her fun-filled, action-packed mermaid adventures with her friends in the mystical underwater country of Atlantica, which takes its cue from the Caribbean.

Disney Junior's Ariel Season 1 Takes us Under the Sea Once Again!

What’s the Rating of ‘Disney Junior Ariel’?

Disney Junior Ariel is an animated movie. This movie is inspired by “The Little Mermaid”. This series has the rating TV-Y.


The “Disney Junior Ariel” is a film that incorporates animation. It comprises a total of 120 episodes, which will be distributed throughout two seasons all the way to the year 2027. Starting on Thursday, June 27, 2027, the first episode of Disney Junior will be made available to the public. “The Little Mermaid” served as the source of inspiration for this animated series.

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