Are Christine and Nigel Still Together After ‘Perfect Match’? What Happened After That Upset Finale?

Netflix’s dating series, The Perfect Match, which brings together competitors from the streaming service’s reality shows, such as Love Is Blind, The Circle, and Too Hot to Handle, has announced that Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones have emerged victorious in the second season of the series.

Both Christine and Nigel were founding cast members on the television show Too Hot to Handle. Over the course of Too Hot to Handle Season 5, Christine competed as a contestant. She made it to the final round of the competition and ultimately partnered with Louis Russell.

(During the reunion for Season 5, the two individuals confirmed that they had ended their relationship.) Nigel, on the other hand, participated in the fourth season of Too Hot to Handle, where he was also a finalist, but he departed the show without a potential partner.

What Happened Between ‘Christine and Nigel’ on ‘Perfect Match 2’?

There were already a number of things that Christine and Nigel shared in common before they were cast on the show Perfect Match. Both of them were outstanding pieces on Too Hot to Handle, and they were famous for causing turmoil in their respective seasons. They even ran in the same circles as stars from the Netflix Universe.

During the final episode of the season, the two individuals disclose that they had a common interest during their time spent together in New York during the summer of 2017. It is even possible that Nigel posted photographs from at least one night out on Instagram.

It fills in a lot of the blanks that come with only having one hour to view them as a couple, rather than several hours with the rest of the season’s finalists, and it is the basis for their short and hot coupling on Perfect Match. Their run-in provides the basis for their quick and fiery coupling.

Christine had to enter the villa before reconciling. Episode 8 introduces her as the new girl at the boys’ day, where she instantly exhibits interest in Kaz Bishop. She instantly shows off the strong flirtation that made her famous in THTH season 5, but Kaz stays away because he’s still coupled with Micah Lussier. Kaz and Micah team up after the mixer.

Following Christine and Kaz’s first and final compatibility challenge, Tolú and Chris decide to test Christine’s suitability with Nigel. Christine and Nigel had chemistry at the all-cast mixer—they kissed during a raunchy game of Flip Cup—and appear excited to address their relationship in New York and whether they’re dating.

Nigel says he acts differently in a relationship than in THTH season 4 and believes in gallantry and reassuring his girlfriend that he wants her. The bar is underground.

After returning to the resort, Christine finds that Kaz told Micah he made a mistake during their date. Christine becomes upset that Kaz was dropping her instead of trying to pair with her and says he “blindsided” every lady he’d chatted to all season. After Nigel tells her he’s serious, Christine chooses to date him.

Christine and Nigel bond over body-painting on their last date. They admit to being single for a long time and wanting something meaningful. They anticipate a future together, and when he says they live on separate coasts, she says “planes exist.” Christine and Nigel gain tons of support from the cast (except Kaz, which, whatever) during the final discussion, and they win Perfect Match season 2 by one vote!

Are Christine and Nigel Still Together After ‘Perfect Match’ ? What Happened After That Upset Finale?


Are ‘Christine and Nigel’ Still Together?

It is unfortunate that Christine and Nigel parted ways after the filming of the second season of The Perfect Match was completed, as reported by People. It is not known when Christine and Nigel ended their relationship, but at least they were able to stay together for a sufficient amount of time to take their trip to Thailand.

which they won in the episode of The Perfect Match Season 2 that was devoted to Thailand. (At the very end of the episode, the trip was depicted.) During the month of October 2023, Nigel uploaded a video to Instagram that showed him in Phuket, Thailand.

However, Christine was not included in the video because episodes of The Perfect Match had not yet been broadcast. Nigel provided the following caption for the video: “Love when I’m in that mode, like Phuket.”

As of the time this article was written, Christine appeared to cease liking Nigel’s photos in the month of January 2024, despite the fact that they continue to follow each other on Instagram. In addition, Nigel and Christine have not disclosed the cause for their breakup; however, taking into consideration the reasons that previous couples who were a part of Perfect Match broke up, it is highly probable that they stopped their relationship in part owing to the fact that they were separated by a significant distance. Whereas Nigel hails from New Jersey, Christine hails from the state of Texas.

Are Christine and Nigel Still Together After ‘Perfect Match’ ? What Happened After That Upset Finale?


Christine also confirmed in an interview with “The Wayne Ayers Podcast” in 2023 that long distance played a part in her split with her Too Hot to Handle Season 5 ex, Louis, though there were also other reasons for their breakup. “Distance definitely did play a role. Age played a role. At the time, he was 20 and I was 24. And then I don’t know, I don’t feel like we connected the way that we connected in the villa. When the outside forces come into play and other things, it just didn’t work out,” she said.

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