Violet Flower Garden Death: Popular YouTuber, Star Stable, Dies at Age 23!

Violet Flower Garden Death: Internet celebrity Violet Flower garden, best known for her Star Stable Online videos, passed away on January 17, 2023. Flower garden, whose real name is Sophia Dinverno, began her channel in 2013 and has since amassed around 200k subscribers. Her videos have been viewed millions of times on her Facebook.

Sophia’s equestrian upbringing inspired her fondness for virtual horse games. “Sophia had a special affection for horses and became an exceptional young horsewoman,” it says in her obituary. With her trusty steed Lola, she entered and won a number of equestrian competitions all around the state of Michigan. She spent much of her time away from the barn filming content for her popular YouTube channel.

Violet Flower Garden Death:

Violet Flower Garden Death

The obituary for Sophia Maureen Dinverno, 23, goes as follows: “Dinverno, of Grass Lake, went away suddenly on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. One brother, Micah Dinverno, had already passed away before she did. Her siblings Josiah, Noah, Isaiah, and Elijah, together with her parents Joel and Deanna, will miss her greatly.

As a member of the Jackson Dance Company, Sophia was always a treat to see in action during annual recitals and contests. She rode her horse Lola, called “Better Than Boys,” in a number of equestrian competitions across the state of Michigan.

The family went on to say that when Violet wasn’t at the stable, she was “riding virtual horses in the online game Star Stable” and posting videos of it to her popular YouTube channel, Violet Flower garden. Her memorial service will be placed on January 28, 2023, at 1:00 PM at Desnoyer Funeral Home in Jackson, Michigan.

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Violet Flower Garden Built a Loyal Following on YouTube

The developer has been uploading Star Stable gameplay edits to YouTube since 2013 when she first began sharing her enthusiasm for the game with the world. The YouTuber’s training videos in particular became a mainstay as her channel expanded to include more of her gaming exploits.

After nine years, the channel has amassed about 200,000 members, and the videos on the page have been viewed more than 48 million times. Her Youtube Channel is given below:-

Flower garden Fans Feel Sorrow of Her Death

As soon as word of the tragedy spread, Violet’s devoted fans began sharing their sorrow. I recently learned of Violet Flowergarden’s passing. I’m sobbing and can’t believe it. She was a shining example for the SSO community and won the hearts of many. Beautiful one, I pray that you have found peace. One of your fans remarked, “I hope you’re riding over the fields with Lola and pumpkin rn.”


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In the words of one Twitter user: “As an equestrian, like many others, I grew up playing and watching Star Stable online. I used to obsess about a YouTuber known as a violet flower garden. She went away today, and I’m devastated to hear the news. pinky, I hope you’re at peace.

Why do so many brilliant people have to leave us? I was really saddened to learn of Violet Flowergarden’s death; her movies were among my favorites from my childhood, and I occasionally revisit them now. The loss of my fave so YouTuber hurts. I hope the best for her and her loved ones. “Rest in peace, another legend,” another user commented.


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