Who is Jeffree Star Dating? Explore His Past Dating History!

Jeffree star dating: A name that never seems to leave the headlines is that of American socialite and YouTuber Jeffree Star. The former singer-songwriter has been relatively silent recently, but we all knew that wouldn’t last forever. Star’s “NFL boo” has lately gone viral after he posted a booed-up photo to Instagram.

Star’s NFL boo has yet to be revealed, but you can rest assured that the internet is already hard at work trying to figure it out. This time around could prove more difficult, as Star’s “NFL boo” does not sport any obvious tattoos on his hands. The YouTuber’s millions of viewers are already speculating on the man’s identity in the comments section.

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is a popular American YouTuber, cosmetics artist, and singer-songwriter. He established Jeffree Star Cosmetics and currently serves as its CEO.

Song titles like “Lollipop Luxury” featuring Nicki Minaj appeared on Star’s studio album Beauty Killer, which was published in 2009. In order to spread the word about his music, he went on various international tours.


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After signing with Konvict Muzik in 2010, he quit the business in 2013 due to the label’s owner’s legal troubles between 2007 and 2010. Star launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics in the market in the month of November 2014. According to Forbes, he was the fifth highest-paid YouTuber in 2018 after earning $18 million from his channels and other efforts.

Jeffree Star Dating

Jeffree Star has found love again. The cosmetics mogul announced his new relationship on Twitter on a Saturday. He shared a photo with his new sweetheart on Twitter. He captioned the photo, “Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming.” Jeffree posted a photo of himself and his new boyfriend holding hands on a plane on the way back to his ranch in Wyoming.

Jeffree’s new NFL girlfriend was entwined with his characteristic tattooed and studded nails. Only their legs are visible because the image ends just below their waists. The beauty influencer has been keeping his new boyfriend’s name a secret for the time being. Fans, however, have already begun speculating about which NFL player would become Jeffree’s new beau.

It’s Tom Brady, right?” one Twitter user said. After that, a commenter said, “That’s Aaron Rodgers!!!!” I bet he’s the Tight End,” said another person. Aaron Rodgers was mentioned in the chat by a fan who joined the conversation.

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Jeffree Star Previously Dated History

From 2015 to January 2020, Star was engaged to Nathan Schwandt. The star says they don’t drink, yet they’ve admitted to consuming vodka on Twitter. He also claims to smoke cannabis but avoids cigarettes and heavier drugs.

Star has called Casper, Wyoming home since the end of the year 2020. On April 16, 2021, Star and his companion were involved in an automobile accident in Wyoming that sent both of them to the hospital. In fact, his back was fractured multiple times over. Conspiracy palette co-creator and self-proclaimed “love guru” Jeffree Star took his customary time teasing fans about his new boyfriend before finally disclosing his identity. Jeffree disclosed his single status and ongoing romance during a makeup review in August of 2020.

“At the moment, I am not attached to anyone. In other words, I am currently single. I’m in a relationship, but it’s not serious, and I’m thoroughly enjoying my isolation “the video’s maker asserts. Following on the heels of his “Addressing RUMORS About Me While Testing New Makeup” video, Jeffree has once again had his fans talking after posting a sultry photo of himself to Instagram.

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In a photo posted to Instagram in August, Jeffree can be seen sitting on the lap of an unidentified male companion. Jeffree didn’t reveal the identity of his new boo, but he clearly liked tattoos. It was then discovered by super investigators that he was dating Andre Marhold.

Jeffree Star Career


Star promoted both his musical and his fashion careers on the social networking site MySpace. Star used his MySpace page like a blog, revealing details about his life and offering social commentary on “self-image and confidence,” celebrity, and physical attractiveness.

Star’s established following from other online venues translated into a huge initial friend count for his MySpace page. It wasn’t uncommon for his MySpace picture shoots to receive more than 50,000 comments. He also became well-known as a leading indie musician, with daily MySpace popularity rankings consistently placing him in the top ten.

Music career

It was Peaches’ drummer Samantha Maloney who first inspired Star to pursue music, and he soon found success as an electronica and pop vocalist. The True Colors Tour 2007, which visited 15 cities across the United States and Canada that summer, promoted him as a performer. The LGBT Logo channel presented the tour, which kicked up on June 8, 2007, in honor of Pride Month.

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