Where is Danny From American History X Now 2023 His Wife?

Who is Danny ?

 Daniel Vinyard is nicknamed Danny by his family and friends and he was born in 1981 and he was  the younger son his fathers name is Venice Beach, California . He and his older brother, Derek Vinyard, were orphaned when their father was killed fighting a fire in a drug den, and Daniel developed a racist brother, whose violent neo-Nazi views formed him. 

Daniel Vinyard Biography 

Daniel Vinyard was an American high school student who was the younger brother of neo-Nazi leader Derek Vinyard (1981-1998). He was killed by African-American student “Little Henry ”, a school bully whose face he had blown cigarette smoke on the previous day . Daniel Vineyards is a full production winery that offers a private wine club and event venue for any occasion. The idea of ​​planting a vineyard in the Tucson foothills was sown over a bottle of wine by husband and wife, Daniel and Kimberly, with their five children together. Back in the States, he set about making his dream a reality. In 2010, more than 14,000 grape vines were cultivated in Indiana soil by family, friends and neighbours. As the vines thrive over the years, so does Daniel’s vineyard community.

Derek founded his own white supremacist gang, the Disciples of Christ (known for short as “D.O.C.”). His hatred for other races reached a peak that night when he was awakened by Daniel, who informed him that two black men were breaking into a truck given to him by his father.Derek loads his Ruger P94 pistol and goes downstairs, where he recognizes the two as his team defeated some thugs in a game of basketball earlier.

Where is danny from american history x now 2023 his wife

Derek also realised that one of them was armed with a gun. He quietly turned the latch on the door and kicked it open, shooting the armed man several times in the chest. The other one tried to run away so Derek shot him too. He releases the slide of his empty pistol (it looks like he reloaded), and then puts the gun to the surviving gang member’s head. He ordered him to put his teeth on the curb. The black man didn’t want to die, he did . Derek then promptly kicked the curb, breaking his teeth, slicing open his head and killing him. Derek spit on the body before the police arrived and was immediately arrested. He was soon found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, but was only sentenced to three years in prison. Daniel went on to join the D.O.C. gang while his brother was languishing in jail, even a D.O.C. Tattoo.

After Derek is released from prison, Daniel is required to write a school essay called American History X about his brother’s incarceration. It was a special assignment given to him by the principal of his high school, Bob Sweeney, who had received a complaint from history teacher Mr. Murray about Daniel’s essay about Adolf Hitler‘s book Mein Kampf, a book about the struggle for civil rights. In his paper, Daniel reveals that if he had been called to court to testify against Derek, his brother would have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Daniel’s brother eventually convinces him to leave the DOC. After telling him about her time in prison, during which she befriended a black inmate and was raped by her fellow neo-Nazis as punishment. Although he changed his ways, Daniel was shot and killed by a black student, “Little Henry“, who was a school bully in revenge for insultingly blowing cigarette smoke in Daniel’s face the previous day.

Where is danny from american history x now 2023 his wife


Danny  From American History X Now 2023 His Wife

 Dennis Vinyard his  was firefighterand Daniel’s wife, Doris Vinyard.

Early life 

In his early life  Furlong earned an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Role and a Saturn Sci-Fi Award for Best Young Actor. From there, he took an unconventional route through Hollywood, which led him to work with some of the top people in the business in both studio and independent films

His work includes starring opposite Jeff Bridges in American Heart (1992), for which he was nominated for an IFP Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor. He also starred in A Home of Our Own (1993) with Kathy Bates, Little Odessa (1994) with Tim Roth, The Grass Harp (1995) with Walter Matthau, and Barbet Schroeder’s Before and After (1996).

He starred opposite Edward Norton in Tony Kaye’s controversial and gripping drama American History X (1998) and the hit comedy Pecker (1998). Most recently, Furlong co-starred with Willem Dafoe in the prison drama Animal Factory (2000), directed by Steve Buscemi. He most recently starred in Pupi Avati’s 13th-century tale, The Knights of the Quest (2001).

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