The Ultimatum: Are Rae and Jake Still Together in 2023?

In 2022, a new reality show called The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On was added to Netflix. The same people who made Love Is Blind also made a show called The Ultimatum, which was also a social experiment. Instead of single people trying to find “the one,” couples who are about to get married decide if they’re with the right person.

The first season of The Ultimatum had both Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham in it. Rae gave her ex-boyfriend Zay a choice between two things, and Jake’s ex-girlfriend April gave him the same choice.

This article will talk about questions like, “Are Rae and Jake still together in 2023?” Find out everything there is to know about Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham’s relationship. So, if this makes you curious, stay with us.

Rae and Jake’s Journey Through The Ultimatum!

Rae and Jake both appeared in the first season of The Ultimatum because their relationships were at a turning point. Jake made sure everyone knew that April “dragged” him onto the show, while Rae was trying to figure out if her boyfriend Zay was really “the one.”

Rae and Jake chose each other for a three-week trial marriage, and out of all the people in the show, they seemed to get along best. Jake met Rae’s father on the show, and Rae met Jake’s mother. Once they switched back to their original partners, however, April and Jake got back together.

Rae and Jake Both Ended Their First Relationship!

Rae and Zay broke up for good during The Ultimatum. Jake took Rae out to dinner, but at the time, he was still trying to make things work with April.

During the show, Jake’s ex-girlfriend April thought she might be pregnant, which made things even more complicated. Jake said that if she had been pregnant, he would have done “the father’s job” and “taken care of her and the baby.”


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The last episode of The Ultimatum aired on April 13. Jake told April that he wasn’t ready to get married to her yet, and they went their separate ways. Then, in episode 9, Jake and Rae found each other and made plans to travel the world together.

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What Happens at a Reunion?

Jake and Rae tell everyone at the get-together that they never went on the trip. “We all agreed that we needed more time to get better,” Rae said. The 19 best retinol serums, according to dermatologists, along with tips on how to use them

Instead, Rae tried to get along with her ex-boyfriend, Zay. “Zay and I tried to make things better. And that didn’t work out in the end, but we did try it “Rae told us. “I tried to show him more emotion, and after the show, he became a better communicator.”

Zay and Rae argue about what “making it work” really meant as they talk about what happened on the show. Zay said Rae was with him as soon as the show was over.


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Rae denied that their old relationships “held them back” from getting together with someone new. Instead, they both decided to “backtrack” because it was the “right thing to do.”

We have written several articles on reality television. Couples like Damian and Giannina, Dixie and Noah, and Clayton and Susie are examples. Whether or whether they are still dating has been made known to you.

Are Rae and Jake Still Together in 2023?

After “The Ultimatum,” Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham did not fly off into the sunset together. But that doesn’t mean that’s the end of their story.

In “The Ultimatum,” six couples are shown. In each, one person is ready to get married, but the other isn’t sure. During the season, each couple chooses a new “trial marriage” partner from among the other couples.

They live with that person for three weeks as a “trial marriage” to see if there is a “connection” that might be stronger than what they have with their current partner.

After three weeks with their new partner, the participants go back to their first partner for a second “trial marriage.” At the end of this second “trial marriage,” they decide if they should marry their first partner, start a new relationship with their trial partner, or just be alone.

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